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Diana Chan January 12, 2011 Cafe, Chinese, Renfrew-Collingwood, Three Beakers

Golden Oscars has been around since as long as I could remember. My parents would always take my sisters here for some lunch on the weekends. Golden Oscars is HK style Cafe serving up dishes from pork cutlet to baked seafood. They have been around for well over  2 decades.

The theme of the restaurant is “The Oscars”. All the walls are decorated with Oscar winning movies.

The interior of the restaurant is very typical for a chinese restaurant. Mostly booth style seating that fits about 4 or 5 people.

I usually order anything from their Set Dinner or Set Lunch Menu. Comes with choice of dish + soup and a hot drink (+$0.50 for cold drinks).

M and I both <3 milk tea, so we both got cold milk tea in our set dinner. They give you your own canister of liquid syrup to adjust the sweetness of your drink. I would not advise pouring it all into your drink because it’ll just become the nastiest thing you have ever tasted. Pour it gradually and taste it till you get the right amount.

Our set menu came with the daily soup which was a cream corn soup.

M ordered the Grilled Chicken Steak and Pork Chop on Rice ($8.99). We order this dish quite often and it never disappoints. You get one chicken steak and pork chop which is still tender and delicious. It is topped off with a gravy and garlic sauce. You also get rice to go with the dish. You get a wee bit of vegetables – corn, carrots, broccoli.

Since I am a big lover of seafood, I decided to get the Prawn with Egg Swirl on Rice ($8.99). This is massive…especially for dinner. It seemed like it was supposed to be shared amongst a few people (But I ate most of it). On the bottom, you have white rice and it is topped with eggs, green onions, and prawns. I’m sure there is more to this dish, but I am not smart enough to know what exactly is in it.

What I like about this is how the ration between sauce and rice were perfect, so you don’t end up with a section of bland rice. Also, the prawns are HUGE. Very big and plump.  If you do decide to get this dish, you probably want to share with someone.

Words of Wisdom:

  • Free parking in parking lot or residential areas
  • Large Portions at decent prices
  • Very busy during peak hours

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3868 Rupert St
Vancouver, BC

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