Gillespie’s Fine Spirits: Small Batch Distillery in Squamish

Diana Chan September 7, 2016 Distillery, Squamish


Gillespie’s Fine Spirits is a small batch distillery in Squamish. We came for a tour and tasting to see what they were all about. John and Kelly started Gillespie’s to create a greener, more sustainable business model for distilling alcohol.


Since they are a small batch operation, their space isn’t that large but it was pretty interesting to see how it all comes together. We got a little sneak peek of their distilling process. They offer tours to the public every Saturday and Sunday at 2pm. If you’re visiting them but still want a tour, you can contact them ahead of time to arrange it. I highly recommend it.


Their tasting room is open Thursday-Sunday from 1pm- 6pm.



A few items we tasted were:

  • Sin Gin, a light, crisp, fruity style gin containing a perfect blend of botanicals and ideal for both martinis and cocktails.
  • Lemoncello, the first limoncello out of BC. Made with organic lemons and sweetened ever so slightly. Beautiful after dinner to aid digestion, great before mixed with Prosecco or mixed into your favourite cocktail.
  • Gastown Shine, wheat based vodka. Beautiful in cocktails or highballs, but smooth and elegant to have chilled all on its own.
  • V Twin Rye Vodka, the vodka for whiskey drinkers. Perfect sipping vodka or ideal stirred into a martini.
  • Aphro, a specialty premium vodka product infused with the well known aphrodisiacs cacao, chilli and vanilla.
  • Cafe Crema, BC’s first coffee cream liqueur. Produced with Avalon Cream and coffee from Counterpart Coffee.


All of these spirits were pretty unique and goes great in cocktails.


They have their Cocktail Lounge open Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 6pm – 11pm.


They also have a few non-alcoholic syrups for sale. I bought their Elderflower Elixir.

Overall, it was great to see locally made spirits made in Squamish.


38918 Progress, Unit 8,
Squamish, BC


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