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Diana Chan November 21, 2015 British Columbia


Fresh Prep Vancouver delivers farm fresh recipe ingredients prepped and delivered right to your door. Being a novice cook, finding time to think about cooking dinner so mind boggling. So…thats why we resort to eating out to often. I’m definitely trying to change my behaviour and trying to cook more at home.


I went on the website and chose the Apple Caramel Pork Chips with Sweet Potato and Butternut Squash. I made sure to check out the recipe on the website in advance to make sure I had all the necessary kitchen equipment and any additional ingredients. I only had to grab butter, so it was an easy meal to put together.


They outline the cooking steps pretty well and it’s not too confusing.


All the ingredients are pre-portioned, so you don’t need to waste time prepping any of the ingredients. Just unwrap and follow the instructions.

Cooking it was a breeze and we ended up with 2 delicious plates of Apple Caramel Pork Chips with Sweet Potato and Butternut Squash.


You must order a minimum of 2 servings for your order, which was fine for couples.


Of course you can make this dish yourself without ordering from Fresh Prep, but I found that having the prepped ingredients save you so much time cooking after work. I get off at 5 and because of traffic, I end up getting home around 6pm, so I always need to resort to a quick meal. Anything that requires more than 1 hour of prep and cooking is really not ideal.


It feels good being able to cook a meal from scratch even though you didn’t cut all the ingredients. Also, you don’t have to waste buying extra ingredients that rot away in your fridge.


On another evening, I had the Tuscan Portobello Caps with Sautéed Collard Greens and Quinoa. I wanted to see how a vegetarian meal would be like.


The portobello mushrooms were very beautiful and large.


Even the greens were beautiful. Zero wilted produce.


M and I got full from this meal. Very healthy and tastes equally as good as the meat dishes.

I’ve seen similar services in Toronto and I’m glad there is one finally in Vancouver. I’d definitely order from them again.



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