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Fraser Court Seafood Restaurant opened up in 2009 and serves up dim sum, dinner and can cater to large events like weddings. They can hold up to 500 people. We came here for a ChineseBites dinner with other bloggers during the weekday.

The atmosphere was definitely interesting as they partitioned a section of the restaurant for karaoke and dancing. We weren’t sure if this was a normal night here or just a special event.


We had our own little area to enjoy dinner.


Fraser Court Deluxe Appetizer Platter 紅日大拼盤 has marinated jelly fish, honey garlic spareribs, jellied pork hock and five spice beef shank. All of the items were good but I wish the pork hock and beef were sliced a tad thicker.

Everyone seemed to like the honey garlic spareribs as it has a crunch exterior and the sweet sauce.


Whole Winter Melon with Seafood 八寶冬瓜盅 is always a treat to look at when its brought to the table. You can’t help but take a picture of the beautiful container that it’s in.


The soup basically had everything – duck, scallop, fish maw, crab and so many other ingredients. I enjoyed the soup, but there was a lot of items in it.


For the rest of the soup, they set it aside in a bowl. You can see that there a re a lot of items that go into making this soup.


Lobster in Supreme Soy Sauce 頭抽龍蝦 had a delicious taste, but when getting into the meat, I felt like it was a bit tough and chewy.


Chef’s Secret Recipe Jumbo Crab 招牌秘製大蟹 the crab and the lobster had a similar taste. You will need to add extra effort getting the meat out of the lobster limbs.


Sauteed Three Kinds of Seafoods with Black Fungus & Greens 金瓜雲耳炒三鮮 was great. The peas were cooked perfectly so it retained a nice crunch when biting into them.


Roasted House Specialty Chicken 秘製生焗走地雞 was my favourite dish because the chicken was still moist but the skin was nice and crispy. I would order this again.


Clams & Whole Tilapia Fish Chiu Chow Style 潮式大蜆鰂魚煲 was very delicate. When we grabbed some meat off the fish, it would fall into the broth never to be seen again. It would have been nice if it was just served on a plate and the bowl created issues.


Scallops & Egg Tofu with Eggplants in Spicy Garlic Hot Pot 漁香三子煲 was smother in a sort of chili sauce. I kinda enjoyed the silky egg tofu and eggplants.


Sliced Tender Beef with Mushrooms 醬燒肥牛粒 was ok, but the beef was not as tender as I had from other restaurant. Maybe the meat needed to be marinated for longer.


Halibut Belly with Shallots & Green Onions 京蔥頭抽哈利拔頭腩 reminded me slightly of the sauce used for the crab and lobster. Nonetheless, yummy flavour.


Baked Tapioca Pudding 西米焗布甸 is always the best option at a Chinese restaurant. Step aside red bean soup because the baked tapioca pudding is awesome.


They portion it up amongst the table and it was consumed instantly…but after taking picture of course.

Overall the food was good but some dishes started to taste similar after a while like the crab and lobster.

Foodology Disclaimer: I was invited by ChineseBites to dine at Fraser Court Seafood Restaurant and my meal was comped. All thoughts are my own.

We Rate Fraser Court Seafood Restaurant

3489 Fraser Street, Vancouver


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