Fatty Cow Hot Pot: All You Can Eat Hot Pot in Vancouver


Fatty Cow Hot Pot on Victoria Drive is known for their amazing hot pot. Best part is that you don’t need to go to Richmond for some goood all you can eat hot pot. My friends and I come here when we don’t want to travel far. Plus, the interior is nice and the quality of ingredients are pretty good.

We made reservations in the afternoon and they didn’t have many spots left, so we began eating at 6pm. I don’t speak Chinese, so it was very difficult to make a reservation as they couldn’t understand me half of the time. It worked out after a lot of repeating to make sure they didn’t mix up the time with the amount of people in the party. 6pm for 5 people can be a bit confusing.


The prices are reasonable too. $20 for adults with a few additional addons for broth, drinks and whatever else. You will probably end up spending around $30 after tax and tips.

They only accept cash and debt, so make sure you have one or the other.


Double Soup ($8.50) has hot and spicy on one side and the other was a clear vegetable broth. This is my favourite kind since the spicy is great for cooking meat and the clear broth is best for vegetables. Also, its a good way to satisfy the different tastes at the table. Me and my friends would never be able to agree on which broth is better.


To accompany the hot pot, I ordered Sour Plum Juice ($1.50 – glass | $5 a jug). It’s definitely an acquired taste. Only the Chinese people at the table liked it and all the Koreans thought it tasted like BBQ sauce. They couldn’t handle it.


The first order of meat arrived. We ordered a lot, but we had to get our moneys worth. In these huge stacks, there was Beef Rib Eye, Beef Sirloin, Pork Jowl, and Lamb.

You can’t go wrong with any of these.


Marinated Beef and Bean Curd always good stuff to order too. The bean curd does look a bit weird, but it is good.


Beef Cubes had potential, but you have to make sure you don’t over cook them or else they will be chewy and flavourless.


Spam is required. My friends love spam but its not for everyone. Nom Nom Nom Nom spam.


Here comes the healthier items! Vegetables, tofu, mushrooms and the fish balls/meat balls. There needs to be a balance.


Fish Skin is surprisingly AMAZING. It’s crispy and crunchy like chips. You can eat them as is or you can dunk it into the broth. I know it seems weird to eat fish skin, but it’s really good and addictive.


Frozen Tofu is another one of my favourite items to order. It’s so porous, so it has lots of space to absorb the broth. The texture is so different from regular tofu. Get this!!


The oysters are on steroids or something. It’s huge! It was the size of my palms. As they aren’t fresh, it’s good to make sure its cooked all the way through. These were so massive, that it was hard to enjoy.


Mango Pudding was a complimentary at the end of the meal. It was a nice touch since other places won’t have desserts.


Overall, we all had a good time. There’s nothing better than spending a nice dinner with friends eating mass amount of meat and arguing over what side of the broth we should be putting the ingredients into. I’ve never had a disappointing time here yet.

We Rate Fatty Cow Hot Pot Restaurant:

5108 Victoria Dr.
Vancouver, BC, Canada
(604) 568-6630


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