Fatty Cow Hot Pot: Perfect Winter Food

Diana Chan December 19, 2011 All You Can Eat, Chinese, Kensington, Three Beakers

Fatty Cow Hot Pot is located on Victoria and 35th ave for all you can eat hot pot. I like going here since it’s closer than going to the ones near Richmond. All you can eat is around $20 per person. The #YVRBreakfastClub / #604insomnia group headed here in very unique outfits. Some of us had superhero clothes and some had our PJs on.

The interior is surprisingly nice with lots of tables to accomodate large groups and small groups. Always good to make reservations.

Each setting comes with tea, utensils and all the bowls and plates you need.

You get soy sauce, sesame sauce and satay sauce. The first set are free, but if you need more, it costs $0.50 more.

You first choose your soup base, which is an additional $7, which sucks since you are already paying so much for all you can eat.

Nonetheless, there lots of other items to choose from. Best to order lots of meat and seafood.

Theres also a second side to order drinks and other stuff.

We got the hotpot split in half for 2 types of broth. It accommodates the different tastes, but eventually it all starts tasting the same because some soup from one side will move to the other. It’s $8.50 for double broths.

Fried Fish Skin is something you must order! It’s really good! It might sound a bit strange, but its kinda like chips. You can eat it just as is or dip it into the broth.

To get our moneys worth, we got tons of meat and also TONS of oysters. We also tried ordering 10+ oysters on a 2nd order, but they didn’t think we would finish it, so we kept asking for it. Their oysters are pretty good and very large.

We also ordered other items, but I was a bit too busy eating hahaha.

Sour Plum Juice ($5 – Jug) was good! I’ve never had it with hot pot, but it went well with it. If you order a jug, you will have enough for everyone (7 ppl).

At the end of the meal, they give you a coconut pudding dessert. Sadly, you can only get one 🙁

Overall, it’s not bad at Fatty Cow Hot Pot, good alternative to heading down to Richmond.

Words of Wisdom:

  • Cash or Debit only
  • Make reservations
  • Busy during weekends
  • Accommodates large groups
  • Large assortment of items to order

We Rate Fatty Cow Hot Pot: 

5108 Victoria Drive
Vancouver, BC
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  1. Vincent N December 21, 2011 at 2:00 am

    I don’t know if it’s because they’re located in East Van, but I find that this place is one my favourite places to go eat. I find the three times I’ve been there the service has been decent, they cover our jackets and that they do actually offer Oysters. And by the looks of it, you guys slaughtered a lot of them.

    I’m surprised how busy this place gets on weeknights.

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