Extreme Pita: There’s Probably A Reason Why No One Orders Pizza Here

Diana Chan December 1, 2011 Fast Food, Surrey

I was at school and decided to go to the food court for lunch. I was craving some pizza and I remember Extreme Pita having some pita type of pizzas. I had it at another location and it was pretty good. I thought I would indulge and grab a pizza. Most people usually get pita’s..but I felt a bit different today.

….I actually should have stuck with the pita….and you will see why.

Pepperoni Extreme Pizza (~$7) has pizza sauce, pepperoni and mozzarella on a pita wrap bread thing.

What I found very strange is that the person making my pizza had no idea how to make it! She had to look for instructions to put it together. Seeing that it’s really only 3 toppings, it shouldn’t too difficult. Clearly it was a bit challenging to them since you couldn’t see any pepperoni on this pizza. It was all hidden under the copious amounts of mozzarella. It took them a while to make this and it tasted really bad! It wasn’t crispy at all and was just a pile of cheese….that drowned out the pepperoni. They should probably rename this ‘Mozzarella Extreme Pizza’.

I’d probably never come back here…probably never go for the pita either since  it was that disgusting.

Words of Wisdom:

  • Don’t order the pizza

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10153 King George Hwy
Surrey, BC V3T
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