Duotian Fish Soup Noodles Restaurant: Taiwanese + HK Style Cafe


Duotian Fish Noodles Restaurant is a mix of Hong Kong Style Cafe and Taiwanese Cafe. They are located in the plaza on 1st Avenue where T&T is located. They specialize in fish soup noodles, rice hot pots, Western dishes and hot pot meals.

I was invited to attend as part of ChineseBites to try a variety of items off their menu.


The seats inside have large booth and smaller tables.


Complimentary tea arrives in these metal cups. The handle seems to be made of plastic since the color has rubbed off.


One of their popular options is creating your own noodle soup with all these customizable options.’

You can choose your soup base, toppings, type of noodles, drinks and any extra items on the side.


One the reverse side, you can customize your congee or rice hot pots.


Laksa with rice noodles, BBQ pork and sliced beef brisket. Not bad at all, but there are a few other places in town that do customizable laksa a lot better, but if you don’t want to travel far, this will do.


For our customizable Rice Hot Pot, we got salty fish with pork and chicken with octopus. It is topped with bok choy to give it a bit of color.


When we dug in, it was pretty good. The combination of the meat and the salty fish worked really well.


Grabbing an Iced Milk Tea or Ice Coffee Tea mix is classic for Hong Kong style cafes. Both very good! We asked them to make it with less sugar. You will need to stir it a bit more to incorporate all the ingredients.


Iced Lemon Tea is another popular choice too. You have to take your straw and spoon to crush up the lemon slices to get more flavour out of it.


The bubble tea on the other hand wasn’t as good. The pearls were hard and could have used more time cooking.


Baked Spaghetti with meat sauce is one of my go to dishes at these types of cafes. All that meat sauce and cheese covering each strand of spaghetti.


Butter Biscuit toast was ok, but I felt the topping was too sweet. I wouldn’t be able to eat an entire slice by myself. Each of us had a quarter of the toast and it was enough to quell our sweet tooth.


Deep fried fish cake was ok. It had a slight sweetness to them.


Baked pork chop on rice with tomatoes bacon sauce was delicious. You can’t go wrong with pork chops and cheesy sauce.


Deep Fried Chicken Nuggets is a classic item to order. Crisp on the outside and a good amount of salt and pepper.


Yang Chow Fried Rice was a bit bland and sub par. The rice was hard and the texture was off.


Congee with sliced beef and fish balls. We wanted the BBQ quick but it was already sold out.


The first few tastes of the congee, it tasted burnt and there really isn’t a way to mask it.


It also comes with a pan-fried green onion cake as part of the congee combo.

Overall, the dishes were definitely a hit and miss. The most basic dishes weren’t executed well like congee and fried rice. The baked Western dishes and noodle soup dishes were decent.

We Rate Duotian Fish Soup Noodles Restaurant25rating

#212 – 2800 E. 1st Ave.
Vancouver, BC


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