Donair Dude: Huge Delicious Donairs on Granville Street

Diana Chan April 16, 2014 Downtown, Four Beakers, Late Night, lunch, Middle Eastern


Donair Dude on Granville Street is cranking out some amazing donairs. I can’t believe it took me so long to come here. KoreanGirl and I were looking for some cheap lunch to fill our bellies and stumbled upon Donair Dude.

We are so glad we did because it might just be one of the better donair places in town.



What caught my eye was the lunch special. A pita donair with a can of pop for $5.99. It’s only available from 11am to 3pm. Good deal if you want a filling lunch for under $10.


You pay for your item first, and you choose the ingredients you want in your donair. Everything looked fresh.


Chicken Pita Donair Lunch Combo ($5.99) is huge. Its also quite heavy too! I was very impressed. It is also carefully grilled so the donair does not fall apart. Good execution.


Inside, it is overflowing with vegetables and meat. It tasted really good too.


Chicken Rice Plate ($9.99) has 2 falafels, tabouleh salad, a grilled pita, tzatziki, rice and a bunch of chicken.


They give you a lot and they don’t skimp out on ingredients. KoreanGirl really enjoyed it and left very happy. She also had to save some for a snack later in the day.

We Rate Donair Dude

1145 Granville St
Vancouver, BC

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