Dining at the Nat: Pulled Pork Tottine, The Nat Bat, and Oreo Churros

Jenn Semilla August 22, 2018 Event, Riley Park/Little Mountain

You don’t have to choose between classic baseball snacks and gourmet food while watching the Vancouver Canadians play at the Nat Bailey Stadium. You can have both!

We were invited to a media tour to try their 2018 menu. Chef Dallas took us to all the food cart locations throughout the stadium. Each area serve and specialize in different foods. There’s no shortage of the classic snacks like peanuts and Cracker Jack, or popcorn, hot dog, corn dog, and beer.

But if you want a meal, here’s what to eat at the Nat:

Nachos Grande

Nachos Grande is available in the main concession area. It’s piled high with brisket, olives, jalapeños, tomato, sour cream, salsa, and cheese.

If you don’t want to line-up at the concession area, head to the food carts by the third base where they offer creative culinary and beverages options.


Craft Corner offers a rotation of craft beers on tap.

Head up the stairs leading to the Hey Y’all Porch for The Keg Caesar Bar.

When you find the caesars, immediately next to it is the only food stand that serves the following gourmet ballpark favourites.

Pulled Pork Tottine

Pulled Pork Tottine has Cavendish tater tots, smoked pulled pork, gravy, cheese curds, green onion, and sour cream. (A tottine is a poutine with tater tots instead of fries.) It’s perfect for bite-sized snacking throughout the game.

Double Pig Smoked Mac n’ Cheese.

This dish is loaded with rich flavours, so be prepared to share or drink it with a good hoppy beer from the Craft Corner.

The Nat Bat

The Nat Bat is a massive turkey leg that is brined for 36 hours, then smoked to perfection. There is enough meat to share, but you can also gnaw on it by yourself for all nine innings.

The Yard Dog

The Yard Dog is only available from the food cart by the third base near the Hey Y’all Porch. Bring a friend because it takes two people to carry and apply all the condiments of your choice.

What new this year?

Sweet Tea

Sweet Tea is kept simple with black tea and sugar, because you don’t mess with a classic.

Oreo Churro

Oreo Churro is perfect. To be honest, I dislike the cream in the Oreos cookies (fight me!) but the filling in this churro tastes like melted marshmallow. It’s good, it’s not too sweet, and it’s addicting. This is your new favourite dessert at the Nat.

Group parties

Watching the Vancouver Canadians play at the Nat is a great option for parties and corporate events. In fact, there are two areas perfect for it.

Telus BBQ in the Park is located by the first base and accommodate large groups (up to 400). It’s equipped with its own bar! Food is offered as a buffet which include: Red Nugget Potato Salad, Cracked Black Pepper Coleslaw, Baby Spring Greens, Corn on the Cob, Herb and Garlic Roasted Chicken, Bacon Cheese Burger, Char Grilled Hot Dog & Bratwurst Sausage, BBQ Smoked Brisket Mac n’ Cheese, as well as freshly baked cookies and an assorted dessert bar.

The Hey Y’all Porch by the third base seats up to 200 people and offer unlimited ice cream, so it’s a great spot for kids parties.

Final Thoughts

When you’re watching the Vancouver Canadians, make sure to visit the food stands by the third base if you want gourmet ballpark meals.

I’m glad to find out that the culinary team at the Nat Bailey Stadium continually create culinary options beyond the classic concession choices. The menu is refreshed yearly and only the popular items get to stay, so keep ordering your favourites!

4601 Ontario St, Vancouver, BC


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