Denny’s Canada: New ‘The Hobbit’ Menu Items

Diana Chan November 18, 2012 Coquitlam, Fast Food, Late Night, Sandwich, Three Beakers

To celebrate the release of The Hobbit on December 14th, Dennys and Warner Brothers teamed up to create this amazing new menu. All of the items in the menu makes a reference to characters or items in the movie.

M, Scarface, and I came for some late dinner and we were super delighted that we saw their special menu. If you’re a big fan of the Lord of the Ring Franchise, you’ll go crazy over these cool items on this menu.

Gandalf’s Gobble Melt has sliced turkey breast, savoury stuffing,melted Swiss cheese in a grilled potato bread with a cranberry honey mustard spread. It also came with a side of gravy and seasoned fries.

It was like a turkey dinner in a sandwich! The turkey was a tad dry, but dipping the whole sandwich is gravy made up for the dry meal. Holding the sandwich was quite oily, so make sure you have some napkins.

Shire Sausage Skillet comes on a super hot sizzling skillet. The skillet has a long sausage, red-skinned potatoes, sautéed mushrooms, fire-roasted peppers, onions, cheddar cheese, and your choice of 2 eggs. M ordered his eggs poached, so it came on a separate dish. It’s a very hearty meal, which isn’t the most healthy item to order, but it will fill you up.

Frodo’s Pot Roast Skillet has slow-cooked pot roast, herb-roasted carrots, celery, mushrooms,onions,broccoli, seasoned red-skinned potatoes with cheddar cheese and a side of toasted bread. It’s another hearty meal, but Scarface did enjoy the pot roast meat.

With every entrée you order off the special menu, you get a pack of trading cards. There are 12 cards that you can collect.

Inside the pack of cards are 2 cards and a coupon for your next meal. It was super cool since I haven’t opened a pack of trading cards in over 10 years. The last pack of cards I’ve opened were Pokemon cards.

The coupons are not bad deals at all if you are a regular customer. We were not able to use it during this visit since we were only about to use it for future visits.

Overall, the food was cool, but as usual, it’s not the most healthiest item to consume…but we all love to indulge a little!

Have you tried the new Hobbit menu in Denny’s Canada yet?

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