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Diana Chan April 22, 2011 Cafe, Chinese, South Burnaby, Three Beakers

M and I were near Metrotown and we do what we do best – eat. After many failed attempts of going to other restaurants, we stuck with Curry King – HK Style Cafe. M wanted to go to Oscars and I just wanted to review a new restaurant…so we drove around and around and decided this was the place.

Curry King is located on Kingsway close to Saffron and Bubble World. Lots of space inside for groups of 4 or 5. Like most HK Style cafes, they have set menus and the usual items.

M and I started off with Lemon Coke and Cold Milk tea. Pretty usual and nothing cool about it. I prefer my cold milk tea to come with liquified sugar to add however less or more I want, but oh well. M’s Lemon Coke had a strong Lemon taste due to the 4-5 slices of lemon found inside it.

The set mini meals come with soup and today their daily soup was a cream soup with ham, corn and fish. Decent soup but the fish had a very odd texture. It wasn’t flaky like a fish, but more of a solid block. Very odd.

I ordered the Chicken Steak with Rice Mini Meal (~$8). This is probably the best chicken steak I’ve had at any HK style Cafe. The chicken was nice and juicy on the inside. The outer part was sightly crispy and the black pepper sauce went well with it.

There were more vegetables! I love vegetables.

M ordered the Meat sauce with rice in a Stone Bowl ($8.95). It has meat sauce, raw egg, and peas on top of rice. At first it looks like a large amount of sauce and meat, but when you begin mixing it all together, there really isn’t that much meat. M was a bit disappointed. No meat to be found for the carnivore. Even with the amount of sauce, he said it lacked flavour.

He even stole a bit of my black pepper sauce for his rice….then he asked the waitress for hot sauce… and then even considered asking for MSG or soy sauce.

I took a few bites out of his dish and it wasn’t too bad. It still had a good flavour, but I guess it wasn’t his type of thing. This meal does have a lot of rice, so you will get full.

Words of Wisdom:

  • Free rear parking
  • Under $10
  • I <3 Beef steak or Chicken Steak
  • M’s wisdom is if you get any kind of rice Stone Bowl, press the rice against the sides to get them crispy!

We Rate Curry King: 


4250 Kingsway
Burnaby, BC

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