Crave on Main: Goodbye My Favourite Burger

Crave on Main

Crave on Main is coming to a close today – September 29th, 2013 after 7.5 years in operation. When M and I found out, we were quite sad because we were convinced they had the best burger in town.

We came here 2 years ago  and fell in love with this restaurant. With all the great items on the menu, we always end up getting the same burger. Something about it was so magical.

Crave on Main

Organic Beef Crave Burger with back bacon, truffle mayo and blue cheese ($12 + $1 +$1 +$1 = $15)

It comes with lettuce, tomatoes, onions, pickles, an organic beef patty on the soft focaccia bread. The additional toppings of the blue cheese, truffle mayo and back bacon.

Everyone at the table ordered this and it was just like music in our mouths. The patty was very moist and flavourful, the blue cheese just oozed everywhere and the back bacon was so good. We haven’t been able to find anything else in town that compares.

Crave on Main

Mushroom soup (+$1.50) was needed as an upgrade since we didn’t want fries. I have a weird addiction to mushrooms, so I just had to have it.

Overall, after all these years, they have kept up the consistency of their food. I hope the owners decide to open another restaurant, but no word on it yet. I’ll be crossing my fingers to see this burger be back someday.

Instead of a restaurant, it will be replaced by housing. Boo.

We Rate Crave on Main: 

3941 Main St
Vancouver, BC


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  • Jean

    You have to try Elwood’s, at Broadway and Balaclava-ish! I’m convinced they have the best burger in town – there’s really no reason that it should be the best burger (nothing fancy about it), but it just is. I can’t remember the name of the burger, but it’s got cheese and bacon and awesomeness on it. It might be a good alternative to this one, since Crave is closing!

  • Jeanie

    WOW! This is amazing because everytime someone asks me where they can get the best burger in Vancouver…I almost always refer them to Crave on Main! I, myself, personally love their organic beef burger, and I also have it with goat cheese. Although its been years since I last had a burger there…the memory I have of it is so vivid because it is honestly one of the best burgers ive ever had. From the patty to the bun to the blue cheese…it was borderline perfection. One time we had dinner at Zipang sushi and then resto-hopped and got the burger to go (because we werent full from sushi and also thought that it was a tad overpriced).

    Bye bye Crave for now…they said perhaps they may be opening in another location? Their popcorn shrimp and pasta specials have also been really good, I remember!

  • Betty L

    You have got to be kidding?!?! What?! I was planning to come here last month with a friend. Looks like I gotta go else where.

  • LotusRapper

    Crave’s $12 organic beef burger + fries was one of the best deals out there. Love the cozy neighbourhood-scale of the place, the casual “fine dining” and the great staff ….. all of them ! I hope Crave pops up elsewhere soon, they had to close because of rezoning for the parcel/building, not because they’ve been having poor business.

    Until we meet again, Crave !!