Costco: Hot Dog, Pop, Twist Ice Cream, Churros For Under $3

Diana Chan September 14, 2011 Fast Food, Food for Thought

CanuckGirl and I took an impromptu trip to the states. We shopped till we dropped, but we didn’t want to over indulge on food too. Soo…what we did was go to Costco for lunch. I always wanted to go to Costco in the states because of their Churros. They don’t sell churros in Canada’s Costcos.

Hotdog + Pop Combo ($1.50 USD) is basically the same in Canada. It’s an all beef hotdog thats 1/4 of a pound! This is not your sissy hotdog. You’ll be satisfied eating this! You can add mustard, ketchup, relish and even chopped onions!

Twisted Soft Serve Ice Cream ($1.35 USD) will bring back memories of your childhood when you take a good look at it. Remember when McDonalds had the twist cone? You get a lot of ice cream for what you pay for, it’s literally a whole cup! If you get this with the hotdog, you will be full.

Churro ($1 USD) is warm on the inside, crispy on the outside and coated in cinnamon and sugar! I love churros and what made me so drawn to this was how long this was! I’ve had churros in Vancouver and I’ve never seen it so large.

While I was holding it to get ready to eat, I felt like I could cast a spell on everyone around me. Alakazam! The churro tasted great, but what sucked so bad about this churro was how you would get so dirty! The cinnamon and sugar would just be falling everywhere.

Overall, I think meals at Costco are worth the price. CanuckGirl and I were so happy because we only spent a measly $3 USD on lunch. You might be thinking to yourself…”I don’t have a Costco Card, thus I can not eat here”. False! CanuckGirl and I forgot our Costco Cards at home, so we snuck in from the exit and pretended we were going to customer service. Works every time!!

Words of Wisdom:

  • 1/4 pound hot dogs +pop combo
  • Pizza seemed pretty popular too and HUGE slices
  • No Costco card needed
  • Dirt Cheap!
  • Under $5 per meal

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