Congee Noodle King: Hit or Miss

After looking at the bank accounts and bills, I thought it would be best to try to eat meals $15 and under. Since M and I were on Kingsway, we thought going to Congee Noodle King would be a good idea.

Congee Noodle King has lots of round tables that fit 8 people. The interior is bright and mostly large groups/families are here.

Looking at some of the plates and bowls, M was very turned off by the quality of it since the tops were chipped  and super scratched up.  In the picture, they look ok, but if you look closer you can see how you may be afraid to eat from them .

We started off with ordering cold milk tea. I really found this to be a bit on the sweet side. I would prefer getting my own little container of syrup to tweak the amount of sweetness.

M ordered the sweet and sour pork on rice. This sweet and sour pork was not very good at all. There was way too much coating around the pork that you could not really taste the pork. M is a huge sweet and sour pork fan, but Congee Noodle King did not do this dish justice.

You would probably get better Sweet and Sour Pork at Manchu Wok at a food court than at Congee King.

Since this restaurant is called Congee Noodle King, I just had to have the Congee. I ordered the diced fresh oyster and minced pork congee. It has green onions, coriander and salty peanuts. The congee tasted very good and had no complaints.

It was a good texture and it was not too runny or too thick.

Overall, I find some of the dishes here at Congee Noodle King a hit or a miss.

I usually go to Chinese restaurants speaking English just to see if they will treat me differently. Usually there is no problem with the service.

In this case the service was a bit lacking, I called for the bill but it never came (I asked for it in cantonese – “mai dan”) . She even acknowledged me, so I am sure she knew that I wanted the bill. I asked another waitress for the bill but I could hear them telling other staff to take care of it. Eventually the bill came but it took them a while to come back to get our change, so we went up to the counter so it would make the process a bit faster. M was already pissed off about the subpar Sweet and Sour Pork.

Words of Wisdom:

  • Limited parking in the rear
  • Park in residential areas
  • Can’t go wrong with congee or the fried items
  • Cash Only

We Rate Congee Noodle King:


3313 Kingsway
Vancouver, BC
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  1. Buddha Girl April 6, 2011 at 8:50 pm

    HAHAHAHA! We have those moments too! Looking at the balance in our account than we go…let’s go eat something cheap or eat instant noodles at home…hahahahaha!

  2. DesignGirl April 6, 2011 at 9:30 pm

    In a way it’s kinda fun having a limit on how much I can spend on food. I make a game out of it. “How cheap can I get without getting sick”. Now I joke of course.

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