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Diana Chan July 13, 2012 Downtown, Seafood, Three Beakers, WestCoast

Coast Restaurant is part of the Glowbal Group and they specialize in seafood. Located on Alberni Street, tourist and locals flock to Coast for fresh and delicious seafood. They a a bit expensive for dinner, but for lunch time, they have some amazing lunch sets for under $15. It has a good atmosphere to bring coworkers or friends.

Before I left to Hong Kong for vacation, I met up with Flo to have some lunch here. She’s been here several time, but I haven’t, so she was nice enough to join me on this food adventure.

Fish & Chips Cones ($8.95) has tempura cod, japanese tartar sauce, sprouts and tobiko wrapped up. The tempura was lightly battered and very delicious! It’s unlike the traditional Japanese sushi cones, these ones won’t make you too full.

Linguine Vongole ($14.95) has manila clams, bacon lardons, crushed chillies in linguine. Flo thought it was alright, but it wasn’t anything amazing. You can get the same item for dinner for $16.95.

Oyster Box ($13.95) has an oyster po’ boy sandwich, caesar salad, fries, and smoked fish chowder.

The Smoked Fish Chowder thats part of the Oyster Box was ok. I didn’t get a lot of the smoky fish taste in the chowder.

The Fries were my favorite part of the box. It was very crispy and awesome when dipped in the mayo sauce.

The Caesar Salad was quite plain. The dressing was very light, which isn’t a bad thing. The strip of bacon was yummy and crispy .

Oyster Po’boy sandwich was very poor. The bread was very hard and thick that it didn’t allow much flavour of the oyster to pop out. It was very hard to eat through the bun, so I just ate the oyster. The oyster wasn’t too bad, it was very large.

Overall, the Oyster Box wasn’t every appetizing even though the price is quite fair. It had lots of food, but didn’t hold up to the reputation of the restaurant. Flo commented saying how the food wasn’t as good as before. The service was also slow and was hard to have a meal in under one hour. You need at least 1.5 hrs to have a lunch here. We really didn’t know why the service was so slow because it was pretty empty at 11:30am. It started to get very busy around 12:30pm. Also check your bill since they may accidentally charge you the dinner price instead of the lunch price. Good thing Flo and I checked the bill!

Words of Wisdom:

  • Always good to have reservations just in case
  • Well priced lunch box specials
  • Good friendly service
  • Allocate more than 1 hr for lunch

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1054 Alberni St
Vancouver, BC


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