Cafe Artigiano

Diana Chan October 11, 2010 Cafe, North Burnaby, Three Beakers

Cafe Artigiano is a great place in North Burnaby to just chill and have a coffee. You can even steal wireless from Safeway, which is across the street. With so many seats, you could even have a mini study session.

Besides having coffee and drinks, Cafe Artigiano offers a variety of backed goods and sandwiches.

Looking at the menu, we decided on a Happy Planet, san pellegrino and a Mocha Misto.

My little sister and I were not in the coffee and tea mood so we chose these instead.

As for the older sister, she got the Mocha Misto…it’s essentially a mocha but with more steamed milk.

You can also customize your drink after you get them by adding syrup and spices to your drink.

if you are in North Burnaby near Hastings and Willingdon, take a break and have a drink at Cafe Artigiano. They do latte art on al their drinks. I’ve been here several times and their coffees and tea are great!

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  1. DJ Spock October 18, 2010 at 12:58 am

    This IS a good group-meeting place. I once had to do group work + register for my courses on the same day here. Reliable internet. Friendly staff. Nice strong Italian-style espresso in their lattes if you’re into that.

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