Escape on a Bucket List Adventure: Destruction and Big Sandwiches

Diana Chan November 13, 2016 British Columbia, travel


Ford Canada challenged me to create my own unique bucket list adventure. What are some things that I want to do before I die? Taking some inspiration from Robin Esrock’s The Great Global Bucket List, I wanted to experience something scary without being in danger. I thought about bungee jumping, ziplining, or going ATVing, but I realized I wanted to learn how to fight for my life if the end ever came close.

Axe Throwing, Zombie Apocalypse Training and eating huge sandwiches to fuel up seemed the the best things to do with M.

We headed away from the city towards Coquitlam and Surrey with the 2017 Ford Escape. It’s an awesome car, so check out my previous review. The seats are comfortable, has lots of storage space and love the Apple Car Play.


Axe Throwing at Bad Axe Throwing


Hidden in Surrey is Bad Axe Throwing, home to the most Canadian sport ever. Even if you don’t have a beard or a plaid shirt, you’re welcome to test your accuracy of throwing axes against a target. I’ve chopped wood with an axe before, but hurled an axe intentionally against an intended target. We were given a short tutorial and we played a bunch of mini games against each other to see who reigns supreme.


I’ve learned I have good accuracy, so watch out! I might not be able to throw an axe with one hand but with 2 hands, I’m pretty awesome. M had a good time too. At first he was hesitant since he thought he would hit himself in the head, but with the safety rules explained, no injuries occurred.


After leaving Bad Axe Throwing, we got hungry, so it was time to grab some lunch. We had so much fun that the time passed by really quickly. I would highly recommend Bad Axe Throwing for something different.


Oh Canada-sized Montreal Smoked Meat Sandwich at Estrellas


One place I’ve always wanted to go to was Estrella’s in Langley. I’ve seen their monstrous sandwiches from a few friends and I needed to get my hands on it. M and I decided to share the sandwich since it was spewing with meat. It was really hard to get our mouths around this.


Look at all those layers! Pure indulgence and it tasted fantastic! One of the best Montreal Smoked Meat Sandwiches I’ve had in a long time. It really hot the spot.


Zombie Apocalypse Training at DVC Ventures

Indoor Shooting Range


I always wanted to be ready for the Zombie Apocalypse and when I saw DVC Ventures offing a Zombie Apocalypse training special, I was sold! 50 9mm bullets for a hand gun, 5 slugs for a shot gun, and a zombie target for each person, we were ready to embark on this scary adventures.


They take safety as their #1 priority for all guests. We were trained on how to use the hand guns first and could smell all that gun powder in the air. Very fun experience but terrifying at the same time since there guns can do quite a bit of damage.

When it came to the shot gun, that was way more intense. The recoil almost made me fall over, so the intructor had to make sure I didn’t keel over.


I did pretty good at shooting and didn’t miss. Head shot.


Roast Beef Sandwich at Arby’s


I’m not a classy person and I love fast food. SO, I got the biggest roast beef sandwich and curly fries from Arby’s. It’s not as impressive as Estrella’s but it’s something that I’ve had as a child for a long time. Eating all the layers of roast beef with the horseradish and BBQ sauce.


That was my bucket list adventure with Ford Canada over 2 days. I could have gone to very scenic places around BC, but I love good experiences and destroying things whenever possible, while not breaking any laws. Plus, I love a good sandwich.

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    Love it! I want to go axe throwing too

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    That is one bad ass montreal smoked meat sandwich

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