Brews and Bites Cafe: Open on Main Street

Diana Chan July 2, 2015 Cafe, Mount Pleasant/Main Street, Two Beakers


Brews and Bites Cafe open on Main Street near 2nd last Monday. Despite what you initially think, they do not brew beer, but they do brew coffee. My coworkers noticed this place a few weeks ago and we made it a mission to come give it a try. Since we work in the area, we basically have had coffee and eaten at most places in the area. When something new comes to the hood, we’re on it. hahaha.


The interior is beautiful and has a good amount of seating. There is free wifi and is a comfortable space to work.


Cappuccino was delicious, nice and foamy. A good start to the day. I would be a nice touch if they had customized the to-go coffee cups rather than the generic ones.

Croissant was pretty bad. It was dense and didn’t taste very fresh.

My other coworkers got breakfast sandwiches and they all didn’t like those either and said it was too salty.


I had higher expectations for this place as the space looks really nice. Coffee is decent, but the food really needs to improve if it wants to survive in this area. They definitely have a lot of competition since Starbucks, Terra breads, Tim Hortons, McDonalds and Matchstick Coffee is a few blocks away.

We rate Brews and Bites Cafe

1635 Main Street, Vancouver


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