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Diana Chan December 23, 2010 Cafe, Chinese, Two Beakers

The Boss Restaurant is located in Metrotown near Zellers. When you are walking around the mall and you are craving chinese food, this is where most people go.

There are always lineups during peak hours…huge groups of people can be seen around the outside of the restaurant….thats how you know its packed. The Boss undergone renovation last year and looks  a lot  more amazing than before!

We arrived at about 5pm and they told us it’s going to be a while till we got a table. There were 4 of us…and when we looked through the windows we saw tons of booths empty… half the restaurant was empty…so…I wonder what happened!

Since TaiwaneseGirl and KoreanGirl decided to go do some more shopping, we decided to wait. It took us only 10 mins to get a table. But, half our group CanuckGirl and I sat there looking at the menus and playing with our Iphones.

The interior.

As we waited, we both got tea. with my meal, I ordered a coffee and tea mix ($3.50). Basically it’s milk tea but with some coffee in it. It was good but I always hate how there is always so much ice. Did you know, when there is ice in your drink, you get less liquid? True Story!

CanuckGirl ordered the dried oyster and century egg and pork congee ($5.95). It was on one of their specials. It was good congee and very flavourful. When the dish arrives at the table, it smells amazing due to the sesame oil drizzles on top. Everything was blended well together. One thing CanuckGirl hated was the ginger.

I did the same thing too, but I had the drink with it. The only thing I didn’t like about mine was how there wasn’t enough century egg. I love those gross looking black eggs. I grew up with them, so I don’t think they are weird at all.

When TaiwaneseGirl and KoreanGIrl arrived, they ordered the breakfast special ($5). It came with congee of the day and your choice 1 of 4 dishes.

The congee of the day was Clam Congee.

KoreanGirl had the fried noodles and TaiwaneseGirl had the radish cakes.

Overall, the food was decent. A bit on the pricey side for the food you get compared to other HK Style Cafes. I only really come here for the convenience of the location.

Words of Wisdom:

  • Tons of Parking
  • Long waits during peak hours
  • Usually have set meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  • Can’t go wrong with congee

We rate the Boss Restaurant:

They are located at:

4720 Kingsway
Burnaby, BC
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