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Diana Chan October 4, 2010 Downtown, Three Beakers

Going to school right beside BonChaz, it was obvious I had to try it out! Going to school at 8:30am and then going to work right after makes DesignGirl a very grumpy girl. To kick off a long day, I went off to BonChaz to try a few treats.

They are open pretty early, so I was really happy!! Walking in, it was obviously empty, but there were a lot of people popping in to grab a bun and hopping on the bus. I sat there for a while going on the internet and just chilling because they have free wifi.

Their menu is pretty small.

To start my day, I had a London Fog ($2.95) (Early Grey Tea Latte) and an Original BonChaz ($1.25)(Sea Salt and Butter). At first I didn’t know there was a filling to the BonChaz until I was wondering why there was a salty butter taste to it. Then I looked up at the menu and figured it out.

The next day, I took M after his class to grab a Chocolate Truffle BonChaz. ($1.75) He said it was very good and not too sweet but satisfied his sweet tooth. It came fresh from the over so it looked very pretty.

If you need to take it to go, you can find instructions to reheat AND where the origins of Bonchaz came from.

I have tried 3/5 flavours, Original, Chocolate and Green Tea. I think my favorite is the Chocolate Truffle!

BonChaz is a nice little cafe to do a bit of work and have a snack. They have pastries, sandwiches, tarts, soups, coffee, and tea. I don’t think you can find such pastries anywhere else.

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