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Diana Chan April 19, 2011 Downtown, Food Carts, Streetcart, Three Beakers

My goal is to try as my food carts as possible while the weather is just fantastic. Next on my list was Big Dogs Street Hots, I have to admit, I walked past it the first time. I thought it was just another Hot Dog stand, so I took a large detour to head to the Comic Book Store (I’m a nerd when it comes to super heroes). Since they did not have the figurine I wanted, I headed back to get a closer look for this food cart. Going up Granville, I passed by many Hot Dog stands, but I knew it had to look more like a food truck… sure enough it was the original Hot Dog stand that I passed by.

I came back and I was a bit worried it would just be the regular Hot Dogs…but no, I was 10349540 times wrong. They have several kinds – the usual stuff which you would think a Hot Dog stand would have… and then BAM all the other cool sounding Hot Dogs. I know, I keep using the word Hot Dogs, but these are not the ones you find at the grocery store!

These are more like sausage. But better because they are organic! They pride themselves as having Sausages with no nitrates, lactose, preservatives, fillers or growth hormones.

When you actually read their menu, they have some pretty sexy types – “Hella Good Halibut”, “Hawaii 5-0”, “Slammin Salmon”, “Blueberry Bison” and  “Chicken Apple Maple”. These rang musical bells in my head, maybe not literally but yes I did hear music from my headphones (LAME).

After thinking to myself, I ordered the “BIG Fat Greek Dog” ($7). If Americans met the Greeks to make an amazing creation it would be this Hot Dog! Lamb smokie with green peppers, cucumbers, red onions and tzatziki sauce on a whole wheat  bun. They also asked if I wanted cooked onions on my Hot Dog, so I added those on too.

What struck me at first was the bun, this did look like a whole wheat bun and not just brown. The juicy sausage and the tzatziki sauce melded very well together surprisingly! The vegetable give the Hot Dog an extra crunch in texture. Even the addition of the cooked onions made it that much more amazing.

I know Downtown is saturated with so many Hot Dog/ Sausage stands but I hope this one stays. They pride themselves of their ingredients and do have unique Hot Dogs compared to other vendors.

They price maybe a bit steep at $5 – $9 for a large Hot Dog may be a bit steep but it is very satisfying!

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Granville Street between Dunsmuir & W Georgia




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  1. Ryan April 24, 2011 at 7:04 am

    Love this place!! It is by far the best hot dog joint in the city, don’t mind paying an extra dollar for quality food, it’s delicious! I noticed on their new menu they now give out free drinks with all their signature dogs, yay for us! Try the Hawaii 5-0 next time

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