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Diana Chan April 3, 2014 Bellingham


Bellingham International Airport is a usual site for Vancouverites who are traveling within the United States. Allegiant Air flies out of here and are known for their cheap flights. My family and I were flying out to Las Vegas via Allegiant Air.

The airport is really small, so there really are only 2 options for food before your flight. After the security gate, there is Halibut Henrys or Scotty Browns.


Halibut Henry’s has 2 locations inside the airport. One before security and one after. Nothing looked interesting here, so we decided to skip it.

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Scotty Browns Social House looked awfully familiar to Browns Social House in Vancouver. Indeed they are owned by the same restaurant group. As it was 7am, we were not feeling up to having a full meal in the lounge.


We opted to pick up a few things from their express counter.


They have sandwiches, beverages, and other prepackaged items.


The food options here aren’t cheap.


The snack and drinks are expensive too.


Bacon Breakfast Sandwich ($7) has egg, cheddar cheese, and bacon between the grilled english muffin. It tasted alright.


Cheese and Fruit ($9.25) comes with cheddar cheese, grapes, baby bel cheese, fuji apples, and crackers.


It was expensive and the quality wasn’t great.


Yogurt Parfait ($5) was a decent item for the morning. It has vanilla yogurt, granola, strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, and raspberries.

Overall, the options at Bellingham International Airport are limited but if you want a good experience, it is best to having a meal in the Scotty Browns Restaurant.

4255 Mitchell Way
Bellingham, WA


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  1. Kirby April 6, 2014 at 11:04 pm

    Omg.. I can’t believe the cheese and fruit is $9.25!! That is the epitome of overpriced airport snacks!!

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