Basho Cafe: Matcha Lattes and Treats

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Basho Cafe recently opened on Hastings Street close to Victoria Drive. It is a family run Japanese Cafe and they have yummy drinks, lunch sets and sweet treats.

FoodQueen and I decided to have an afternoon snack at Basho.


A lot of items in the interior are handmade by the family – the dishes, decor, furniture, and etc. Once you step inside, you know you want to fall in love with this cozy cafe. It really sets the mood, rain or shine.

It only seats about 16 people, so as word gets out about this place, it will definitely get super busy. We got there at 2pm and there were no spots left, so we had to wait a little bit till people started leaving.


Afternoon Set ($5 after 2pm) includes a matcha latte and 3 assorted treats. We found this was definitely a great deal as you get a tasting of what they have to offer.

The matcha latte isn’t sweetened, so if you like it a little sweeter, add some sugar.


Mochi Mochi Matcha looks like a cute little cupcake, but on the inside is squishy with the mochi. Really good and highly recommended. It’s also gluten-free and vegan.

Sesame brownie was very moist and had was very addictive.

Goma-miso cookie has lot of black sesame in it. Delicious as well.


Matcha Sandwich Cookie has the matcha cookies on the outside and it sandwiches some sort of icing.

Matcha Brownie was good too. Tough choice between the sesame brownie and the matcha brownie.

Matcha coconut chocolate chip cookie was a delightful surprise. I usually don’t like coconut, but this cookie was gooood.

Overall, all the baked treats were good and none of the disappointed. It’s a cute cafe to just chill and catch up with friends over drinks and nibbles. Highly recommend this cafe!

We Rate Basho Cafe

2007 E Hastings St
Vancouver, BC


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