Bake For The Quake: Event Recap

Diana Chan April 21, 2011 Event

After the horrific events in Japan, Melody Fury (@GourmetFury) and Joy (@Gourmeted) came up with an amazing idea to help raise funds for Doctors Without Borders to aid the Tsunami and Earthquake victims in Japan. They put together an AMAZING bake sale held at Roundhouse in Yaletown. In a very short time span, they gathered bakers from all over the Lower Mainland to participate in this event. With over 19 groups (or so?)  of bakers and an amazing amount of sponsorship, this event turned out to be a grand event.

It didn’t matter if they were professional bakers or amateurs, what mattered was that they were willing to do something and help a good cause.

I arrived at 6:30pm and the line up to enter Bake For The Quake went ALL the way out the door…past the hallways and out around the building. It was nuts but everyone loves a charitable bake sale. Even though it was a long line up, people just decided to bear the wait and get to know their neighbours. I found tons of SFU-ers to hang out with.

Here is a turn by turn shot to show you exactly how long this line up was.

Line up outdoors as of 6:30pm

Line leading indoors

Last bend before entering Bake For The Quake

Lots of congestion everywhere. Packed like sardines.

Even thought the line up was long and a lot of people were complaining, it was not necessarily a bad thing! This means there was lots of support in the community and people believed in the cause and what Bake For The Quake really stood for.

There were lots of tables with LOTS of baked goods. I got $25 worth of tickets and began hunting for some yummy treats. Sounds easy enough right? Some tables had crazy line ups like Sweet Tease Cupcakes where everyone tried to get their hands on their amazing ornate creation. BAH! was even sold out of all their items before I arrived.

I was very determined to fill up my huge tupperware container (It’s huge! Look at my hand!).

Stephanie SiaMelanie SiaSaschie Maclean and Karra Barron teamed up together to make a few items such as brownies, cupcakes and cookies!

There was even Domo cookies and other cute creations!

Foodist and Social Bites were there as well serving up scones, cookies and brownies.

Christophe Chocolat was there as well selling some chocolate creations and a few items from Giovane.

Melany Yeap of Kawaii Eats was selling her super cute Japanese inspired macrons and cakes.

French Made Baking sold Parisian macarons and canelés de Bordeaux.

Something Sweet For You had little lollipops – Sanrio and sushi cake pops, as well as pecan bites.

Some Kind of Wonderful had lots of different cookies.

Gastrofork was there as well! I thought it was cool because she is also a food blogger. Her and her friend- Bren made some lovely treats – Biko, cookies, Rocky Road, Puto, shortbread, and banana loaf.

Apres – midi quenched the guests thirst with their selection of specialty teas.

There were also many prizes up for auction, so you got way more than just baked goods…you might have walked away with books, gift certificates…etc.

There was also live entertainment from Kristie Young – local acoustic-soul, singer/songwriter. Another performance was from Artinair.

When I left around 7:45pm, it was still packed!!

I was happy! I surprisingly filled up my huge container with goodies. It was  bit hard to close the lid.

My favorite item of the day was from Something Sweet For You. They ran out of all the other Sanrio Characters, so I got Peckle. I remember being a kid and watching all the Sanrio cartoons!

From Baked In Vancouver, I got their cupcakes that supposed to ressemble Cherry Blossoms. They also sold Canucks cupcakes, but I’m not a fan of sports.

I also got a mini crossant cookie and the Domo cookie! It was so cute so I couldn’t resist!

After hearing about their cookies that come with cookie cutters, I just had to get one! Each cookie has something different written on it, but I decided to go with “Social Bites“.

Christophe Chocolat had these pair of super cute bunny cookies, so I had to get it in time for the Easter Long Weekend!

If you have a dirty mind, no, these bunnies are not doing that thing that you are thinking they are doing.

I got a few items from Gastrofork since I saw her list of items on her blog. They sounded good and it wasn’t the usual items that others sold.  I got the Banana Bread.

Then I got the Rocky Road.

AND then, I got the Biko. This was my favorite! Who doesn’t love sticky sweet rice desserts?

Since she posted the recipe of all her items up here, I will be looking forward to making a few of these items!

$25 worth of baked goods. Some delicious, some not so delicious, but I am not gonna judge these treats. Everyone who made these items did it all in the name of charity, so I’m not here to judge. I had a great time despite the wait, met a few new people and caught up with a few old friends.

I will have to give 2 thumbs up and say this event was a success! They had over 650 people attend this event and I am quite certain they did raise a lot for Doctors Without Borders.

Props for Joy and Melody for putting this all together! Their hard work really paid off!

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  1. Dee April 22, 2011 at 10:13 am

    Yay! I’m glad you enjoyed my treats! Let me know how the baking goes this weekend! =)

  2. candice April 25, 2011 at 10:58 pm

    Im sorry if they didn’t resemble cherry blossoms!! It was a daunting task nonetheless 🙂 Thanks for supporting our little table and I love your pictures and post!! Great work!!

  3. DesignGirl April 26, 2011 at 11:21 pm

    @Candice i can imagine all that hard work in making hundred of cupcakes for the event! In the end its the thought that counts. You stepped up for a great cause!

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