A&W: Buffalo Blue Cheese Teen Burger

Diana Chan September 12, 2013 Downtown, Fast Food

Buffalo Blue Cheese Teen Burger

While I was looking for some food near Waterfront station, this little sign caught my eye – Buffalo Blue Cheese Teen Burger. It looked pretty neat and a strange combination of flavours.

Buffalo Blue Cheese Teen Burger

I actually quite liked the interior too. It’s 2 floors and lots of seats. Makes for a good place for a quick lunch.

Buffalo Blue Cheese Teen Burger

Buffalo Blue Cheese Teen Burger was put together nicely and not sloppy at all compared to other fast food chains. Also included in this sandwich is onions, bacon, and lettuce on a sesame bun. Pretty good. It a little little bit spicy which was a nice added touch to go with the mild blue cheese flavour.

Buffalo Blue Cheese Teen Burger

I usually get onion rings, but since they recently introduced their Russet Thick-Cut Fries, I thought I might as well try it. It was a bit improvement to their previous fries. They had a nice crunch to them.

Overall, the sandwich and fries were pretty darn tasty. A&W is definitely one of the better fast food chains I’ve come across.


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  1. Just Me September 12, 2013 at 7:51 pm

    A&W burgers are mediocre at best. I also dislike Romers burgers as well. They’re terribly overrated. Burgers are so subjective just like a pizza. If i would pay $5 for a burger, I’d go to White Spot. If I wanted a gourmet burger, I’d go to Cactus Club or Earls. At least with McDonalds they almost every month have 241 coupons. I can’t say the same for A&W.

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