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Diana Chan March 13, 2019 British Columbia, Home

Spring is not quite here yet, but getting a deep cleaning of the home early this year isn’t a bad thing at all. With Marie Kondo inspiring millions of people to tidy up and determine what in their home sparks joy or not has motivated many to get the clutter taken care of in their home. For myself, being at the third trimester of my first pregnancy, I either fell into the Marie Kondo mantra or I began the nesting phase of pregnancy. Either way, I was determined to get our home ready and clean for Baby E who will make an arrival in a few weeks.


With 2 cats, I have cat fur everywhere except the bedrooms as that’s a no-no zone. Everywhere else, there is fur and litter debris. Just look at that carpet.

I’ve never had cleaners in our home before but I was excited to hear about AspenClean from Healthy Family Media. They offer house cleaning and maid services in and around Vancouver, Calgary and Toronto. What sets them apart is that they use all natural, green, cleaning products. Their mission is to keep families safe from harmful chemicals while still providing an effective cleaning solution. I actually have been using their products for years and didn’t realize it as I was gifted some products years ago. I just know the products smell darn good and are effective.

Booking Online

booked my cleaning online through the website and it was easy. I only had a very short form to fill out specifying exactly what I wanted done to my home. We wanted them to clean 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, kitchen and living areas in a space of around 1,000 square feet. We also did an add on to clean the inside of the fridge and some organizing too.

I got a response on the same day confirming the cleaning services, price and any additional details. I also got a reminder 3 days prior to the service as well as an email with the arrival time.


The AspenClean team showed up promptly between the 8:30am – 9:30am window given in the email. 3 team members showed up with smiles on their faces to get the job done. I gave them a quick tour of the home to let them get oriented with the space and they were very respectful and cleaned the room in an order where I could still be productive on my computer as they strategically cleaned my home.


They started in our office, master bathroom and kitchen as there were 3 of them. They were very quiet and focused on their craft, while I could relax and browse the internet on my computer.

Alternatively, you can not be home and they will do their thing. As I am already on maternity leave, I didn’t have anything else to do during the day so I stayed home.



They have all the necessary equipment with them to get the job done and I didn’t have to worry one bit at all if they needed anything.

As we had so much grime in the bathrooms and kitchen, that’s where they focused most of their efforts. Also with the bedrooms, there was so much organizing to do too. They spent more than the estimated time and asked kindly if I would like them to get it done within the time frame or extend it by 30 minutes. I told them to get as much done as possible but they ended up finishing most of the job anyways and spending a bit more time without charging extra to make sure the space was clean. It was very nice, so I made sure to tip them extra for the courtesy.

They did have to rush some spots but they did point it out to me.



After cleaning, it was good that they were able to find some knickknacks that have fallen on the floors and group them together so later on I can decide if I want to throw it away or keep it.


In my office, they found my birth certificate and I was looking for that for some time. It must have been hidden or fallen on the floor.


The biggest differences was the bathrooms and kitchen as those were the most troublesome spots.


You may not be able to see all the details, but a lot of that grime build up has been cleaned away. It’s one of the things I hate most about cleaning, so I tend to avoid it.


The fridge and all the shelves were wiped and cleaned up. I didn’t get them to throw out the expired items because there was quite a bit and wouldn’t warrant the time spent since I can do it later.

A week after cleaning

A few days later, I thew out all the expired items and composted as much as possible and I’ve never seen my fridge so bare in years. It’s pretty darn amazing and made me feel so empowered.


There were some areas that I was surprised that they would clean and organize like our figurines and collectables. It has been collecting dust and several figurines has fallen over.

What’s next?

As we did this initial deep clean, we can continue with weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly regular maintenance cleaning. It’s very refreshing to have a clean home and not worry if there are harsh chemicals used.

We are going to try to see if we can maintain it ourselves with the Whole Home Cleaning Product Kit from AspenClean, but once Baby E arrives, that might be a whole different story. I love how there is a cloth and spray for certain areas of the home. I’ve been using the all-purpose cleaner the most as it’s more versatile and I spend a lot of time wiping down the dining and living rooms tables.

Would I recommend them? Yes I would! Being so pregnant doing deep cleaning by ourselves is a pretty massive task. We did declutter ahead of time, but the scrubbing on our hands and knees would cause us more harm that good. The AspenClean staff really work hard to give us a nice clean home.

If you are looking for eco-friendly cleaning services for a one time clean or regular maintenance, definitely check out AspenClean.


This blog post was sponsored by Healthy Family Media but all opinions are all my own.

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