Apple Deli: It’s Like Your Kitchen

Diana Chan February 25, 2013 Deli, Sandwich, Strathcona, Two Beakers

Apple Deli

Apple Deli is right under Main Skytrain station. They sell simple soups, sandwiches and salads. On my first day of work, people warned me not to come here. Did I listen to them? I don’t think so, it made me more curious. How bad can a sandwich really be? It’s just slices of bread with filler.

Apple Deli

The inside has lots of seats and there were a few group of people inside having lunch as well.


I just wanted a sandwich, so I looked at the menu and chose the Avocado and Bacon sandwich.

Apple Deli

Avocado and Bacon Sandwich ($5.90) It’s nothing fancy, but it’s like a sandwich you can make at home.

Apple Deli

They load it up with a ton of alfalfa spouts, lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, and mayo. The ingredients were very fresh, but the bacon and the guacamole were quite minimal. Nonetheless, I still felt healthier  eating this that eating at any other restaurant…probably because most of it was vegetables.

You won’t find anything fancy or creative here, but it’s decent. Imagine it like your kitchen, but having to pay for your food.

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189 Terminal Ave
Vancouver, BC

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