Angie’s Malaysian Eatery: Hainanese Chicken near Edmonds


Angie’s Malaysian Eatery just opened up last May and they sell a fusion Hawker-style food from Brunei. I am on the search for the best Hainanese Chicken in the Lower Mainland, so I had to make a stop here. They are a family-run business, so its quite cool to see how they work together.



I came here around 6pm on a Friday and it was packed. Word must have spread about this little restaurant really quickly. It’s great that they were doing so well. We noticed there were a lot of large groups that took up most the tables.


Roti Canai comes with a small bowl of curry sauce for dipping. The roti itself was a bit disappointing as it was not very crispy. Quite doughy. I would of like it if they cooked it for longer.


Despite the texture of the roti, my friend still enjoyed it. I think it was mostly because of the curry sauce.


Curry Chicken Rice needed more meat in it. We mostly got vegetables in ours. It was good, but the curry was quite watery too. The portion is meant for one person, but I think you may need something extra to get full.


Seria Kolomee it has fish cake, BBQ Pork, minced meat sauce, fried shallots, veggies on top of dry noodles. It also came with a calamansi lime and some pickled peppers on the side.

I thought it was pretty good.


Hainanese Chicken is the personal sized dish and probably their most popular item. The chicken is cut up into very think pieces and comes with rice and a chilli vinegar sauce. The portion is definitely a bit on the small side. The chicken was small, so we wanted more.


We got their entree version that has double the amount of chicken.


Buttermilk Tiger Prawn comes with the shells intact with the delicious sauce and sprinkled with fried shallots. It got quite messy trying to remove the shells as the sauce would go everywhere.

Overall,the food was pretty good but I wish the portions were a bit bigger. The prices are reasonable as everything is mostly under $10.

We Rate Angie’s Malaysian Eatery

7355 Edmonds Street, Burnaby

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