2018 Honda Clarity Plug-in Hybrid: Review

Diana Chan December 2, 2018 Car, travel

The 2018 Honda Clarity Plug-In is a sleek hybrid vehicle that gives customers more options to save on gas consumption while relying on electric power. Personally, I’ve been looking for a good hybrid or electric vehicle in the near future, so test driving this vehicle was very exciting. With the EV rebate for some Canadian provinces, it makes the price points more appealing. As a Honda owner myself, I have a Civic and has been very reliable so far.

There are 3 power trains available for the Honda Clarity – hybrid plug-in, EV and Fuel Cell. All great options, but it really depends on your driving habits and weekly routes.  The hybrid plug-in gets about 75 kms before it runs out of battery and switches over t0 gas. You’ll need a dedicated place to charge your vehicle whether it be at home, work or some other location.


At first glance, the exterior is very sleek, modern and edgy for a sedan. The lines and shape of the curves are nice.

It is a mid-sized 4 door sedan with beautifully designed headlights.


The drivers and passenger side is very nice with the design on the dash and materials used.

When driving around in electric mode, it’s very silent and you don’t hear too much noise from the outside.

The back seats have a good amount of head space as well as leg room


The 8 inch screen comes with my favourite features of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, and rear view camera when backing up. There are also lots of safety features to give you a better view around the car as well as keeping your family safe.


When the vehicle is using electric power, it is so quiet and and accelerates with good force. Very good first impressions.

Final Thoughts

Overall, it’s a pretty solid vehicle that won’t disappoint. It is comfortable and  has a great range when driving along highways.


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