17°C Dessert Cafe: Melon Icy and Light Bulb Drinks

Diana Chan May 27, 2016 Cafe, Chinese, Dessert, Kensington, Three Beakers


17°C Dessert Cafe is the newest dessert shop to open up in Metro Vancouver. They were slammed last weekend because they offered 50% off for their grand opening. Crazy good deal, but I decided not to go since I would rather be at home relaxing over the long weekend. Luckily ChineseBites invited a few of us to try their signature items later in the week.

2 items that are unique to this cafe are their melon ball shaved ice and their light bulb drinks. Once you see the pictures, you’ll be tempted to pay a visit.


Anything with a crown is their featured item – Watermelon Icy, Honey Dew Icy and the Fruit Boat. They also have smoothies, yogurt and other asian desserts. They are constantly making tweaks to their menu.


Cantaloupe Icy has cantaloupe balls and berry juicy balls on top of shaved ice and more cantaloupe balls. We had to carefully remove the balls so they don’t accidentally fall off. They also give you a container of condensed milk to pour on top.

At $14.99, it is a bit pricey, but you’re paying for all the labour it takes to scoop out all those melon balls.


The berry juicy balls or whatever you call it was very sweet, so it took away from the natural sweetness of the cantaloupe. Even though it looks awesome with the juicy balls, it didn’t mesh well. the juicy balls remind me of the ones you get at Pinkberry.

I think I would have just preferred everything except those juicy balls. It’s a fun item to share with friends.


The Watermelon Icy is their top-selling item. Refreshing watermelon balls with almond, pocky, ice cream, shaved ice and condensed milk. The almond didn’t add much to the taste, but more of a decorative piece between the melon balls. The fruit is very fresh and naturally sweet.


Pineapple Icy has shaved ice in the centre, juicy balls, some sort of berry gummy and topped with ice cream. It’s definitely not as grand-looking as the melon balls, but pineapple is delicious. Also, due to its shape, there wasn’t a lot of shaved ice inside.


The drinks come in 2 sizes, regular and large. We got all of our drinks in the large size, even though they look small. I should have put in my hand for scale but I was preoccupied getting a photo.


Passionfruit, Red Pomegranate, Lemon and Kiwi light bulbs. They tasted unnaturally sweet especially the red pomegranate as it reminded me of cotton candy. Very unique concept of having the drinks in lightbulbs, but none of the flavours really impressed me.

As they are still new, they have a few kinks to work out. Very photogenic desserts and drinks, but I wouldn’t go out of my way to come have this. I’ve noticed some inconsistencies in what other people were ordering too, so I’m sure they are tweaking it as they get more feedback from customers.

We Rate 17°C Dessert Cafe3rated

2229 Kingsway, Vancouver, BC


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