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Nectar Juicery is a local juicing company  and they currently have a month-long pop-up location at the Holt Renfrew Skybridge for July. They sell 100% Organic & Formulaic Cold Pressed Juices. I was passing by [...]

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I was meeting up with BaguetteGirl and her other half in Toronto and they took me to The Drake Hotel to eat some brunch. The brunch menu is available on Saturdays and Sundays from 9am [...]

Jenny's Bakery Hong Kong
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A visit to Hong Kong is incomplete without a visit to Jenny’s Bakery. It is very famous among locals and tourists. Their original location is in the Stanley Market, but have since open many more [...]

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Bu Chun Sung Chinese Restaurant 부천성 is located in Pohang. We came here for lunch and what I always find interesting is that no matter where you find Chinese food in Korea, it’s never authentic. They always [...]

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As our first meal in Macau for Burmese food was a disappointment, we were very determined to find some real authentic Burmese noodles. We found Estabelecimento de comidas ‘hin kei to fill our cravings. This [...]

White Castle
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After seeing the movie Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle, I’ve always wanted to go to White Castle for the sliders. Living on the West Coast, I’ve never seen one before since it’s mostly [...]

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We met up with BraisedandConfused when I was in Montreal for a few days. She suggested we have dinner at Kaza Maza as they have stellar Syrian food. I’ve never had Syrian food, so it [...]

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On our first night in Boston, we decided to go to Casa Romero in the Back Bay area. We heard they had some great authentic Mexican food. It took us a while to find this [...]

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Ess-A-Bagel is located in Midtown East in New York. They are best known for their bagels and it was conveniently located less than a black away from my hotel! CanuckGirl went twice and told me [...]

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Allegiant Air had a package deal to Las Vegas from Bellingham and it was time for a family vacation. A lot of people take advantage of their cheap packages. You pack a heck of a [...]