Wing Lok Yuen Restaurant 永樂園餐廳: Chinese Hot Dogs

Diana Chan October 18, 2012 Central

I got word from a viewer on Twitter that I should visit Wing Lok Yuen Restaurant for Hot Dogs in Hong Kong. As I was passing by the area anyways, I decided to stop by for a snack. It’s located close to Central MTR!

There is no english on the menu, so I was really glad my mom came with me!

There are numerous articles raving about their hot dogs. I’ve had lots of Hot Dogs in my time, but can these hot dogs really be that amazing?

Hot Milk Tea is a must when at a Hk style cafe! It was good!

Hot Dog comes in a soft milky bun with lots of mayo and a tiny sausage. At first glance, it doesn’t look very appetizing either. I don’t know what its so famous, but nothing was good about it.

Daily Cream Soup was good. It has onion, ham, corn and carrots inside.

Borscht Soup was good as well.

Overall, it was interesting to taste the famous Chinese Hot Dog, but it wasn’t very good at all. Best to skip this place and just make yourself a hot dog at home.

Ground Floor, 19 Chiu Lung Street, Central

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