Tartine Bakery: Pastries in San Francisco

Diana Chan August 29, 2018 Bakery, Cafe, San Francisco

Tartine Bakery is a go to place in the Mission District. I asked a few people where I needed to go in San Francisco and they highly recommended Tartine Bakery. They are best known for their pastries.

There was a line up when we arrived, but it didn’t take too long to put our order in. Most people were doing take out.


The interior is small and feels that way especially when there is a long line up outside the door. What is interesting is that they always feature local art on the walls, which you can purchase if you like.



The croissant is a classic item to get. It has a lot of crispy layers on the outside and soft pillowy layers on the inside. I noticed a few of their baked croissants looked a bit scorched, not sure if this is normal or not.

Fresh Berry Tart

The berries were very fresh on top of the tart. The crust was very thin, which is pretty difficult to achieve from watching too many baking competitions on the Food Network. The cream in the middle was a good amount of sweetness to go with the fruit and crust.

Mushroom Croque Monsieur

This has a variety of mushrooms, béchamel, gruyère, and pepper on top of their country bread. It is served with spicy pickled veggies on the side. This was a surprising combination of flavours but we were glad we got it. The mushrooms had so much flavour covered in the gooey cheese.

Final Thoughts

Overall, it was good to come here for a visit to try a few of their different pastries. It’s one of the most talked about bakeries, so it was good to see how it compares. The berry tart and croque monsieur were a hit for us. We really enjoyed these items.

600 Guerrero St, San Francisco


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  1. Connie Leung September 2, 2018 at 4:35 am

    I like this place! Always a lineup. Last time my cousins and I went in as a party of 7 and we managed to find a table immediately 😀

  2. Chris Huey September 5, 2018 at 8:15 am

    I love this place, but not so much for the croissants. My favorite sweets are the tarts (especially the banana cream), the morning buns, and the bread pudding, The hot sandwiches are also fabulous!

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