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Diana Chan January 8, 2011 French, Kitsilano, Two Beakers

This post is long overdue and I totally forgot about it.

Back in October, InsecureGirl, FragileBoy, M and I went to Smoking Dog Bistro. We heard it was good so we tried it out. The Smoking Dog Bistro specializes in french cuisine.

The interior is very nice and dogs can been seen all over the restaurant.

M, Fragileboy and InsecureGirl ordered Heineken Beer ($6.50), while I had the House White Wine ($5)


Insert the longest waiting time in THE WORLD for our food to come. It took so long that I had to add this little section. We waited 1hr 15mins for our appetizers to arrive. Even while we waited, bread did not arrive until the same time as appetizers.

The waiter just said it was a busy night.


M ordered the Lobster Bisque ($10), which also had in it cream fraiche and cognac. M and I thought it was way over priced for soup, when it is mostly broth-like. It was really unappetizing and we would never order this again.

I would rather go to Yew in Four Seasons to have Lobster Bisque because they actually have real pieces of lobster in it.

Fragileboy ordered the escargot de bourgogne ($12) It was flavoured with garlic and parsly.

Finally the bread arrived!

I was super full rom a previous dinner, so i got the Goat Cheese appetizer ($13). It is goat cheese wrapped in phyllo pastry and topped off with a portobello mushroom and mixed greens. The cheese was really rich and the mushroom and greens balanced out the strong taste.

InsecureGirl had the Salmon Fillet ($15). It is salmon with a mushroom and oil type of sauce. It comes with fries as well. She said ti was not very good and was on the dry side.

The men both got Steak Frites ($15). This was s Canadian AAA beef – grilled NY steak with bordelaise sauce. Fries on the side. The men said it was good and worth the price. Good size as well.

Words of Wisdom:

  • Good for drinks
  • Steak frites
  • Great $15 entree menu
  • meter parking on streets
  • expensive appetizers

We rate the Smoking Dog Bistro:



1889 W 1st Ave
Vancouver, BC

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