McDonalds Canada: Mexican Bacon Queso More-ning McWrap Review

Diana Chan June 20, 2018 British Columbia, Fast Food

Breakfast is awesome at McDonalds as my go to is usually Sausage McMuffin with a hashbrown. When there are new menu items, it’s pretty darn exciting.

Mexican Bacon Queso More-ning McWrap

The third item we review from McDonalds Canada’s Word Taste Tour menu is the Mexican Bacon Queso More-ning McWrap.You can find this on the menu from June 18th to July 29th. This is only available in the morning and won’t be found on the menu in the afternoon. I thought it was on the menu, but I accidentally ordered a Thai Chili Chicken Wrap instead, which isn’t part of the World Taste Tour.

If you order from their machines, it will give you options if you want to customize it with more sauce or bacon or whatever else you want.

Inside the wrap is crispy bacon, spicy queso sauce, egg, lettuce and tomatoes. With McWraps, I find that all the ingredients are trapped near the bottom due to gravity. The queso sauce wasn’t as prominent but perhaps they didn’t add much to it. The eggs an bacon are classic for any breakfast. The overall experience was ok but didn’t really stand out too much as being Mexican. Perhaps it needed some salsa like their breakfast burritos.

Don’t forget, this isn’t the only new International inspired menu at McDonalds over the next month as they take customers on a World Taste Tour.



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