Laksa King: Laksa and Roti

Diana Chan May 3, 2014 East Village, Malaysian, Noodles, Three Beakers


M and I were craving some laksa and we were passing by Laksa King restaurant. The last time I came here was in 2011, which it was called Bo Laksa King, but Bo has left and now it’s just called Laksa King. With new owners, comes with new interior look with booths and a new mural painting.


The mural looks like a diner with some classic cars in the front. I thought this was a bit odd since this is a Burmese restaurant.


The menu more or less has stayed the same.



Nasi Goreng ($9.25) has stir fry rice with egg, shrimp, beef, shrimp paste, chilli and shredded lettuce. It tasted ok, but it all tasted quite bland and dry.


Laksa ($8.75) has your choice of vermicelli or yellow noodles served with tiger prawns, fish ball, tofu buff, hard boiled egg, chicken and a coconut curry broth. It was a tad spicy, but it is full of deep flavours.


Roti Canai (large – $6.99) has 2 pieces with the curry dip in the centre. The roti was beautifully crispy on the outside and it went really well with the dip. I could eat this all day.

Overall, the food was ok. It was a bit weird dining here since we were the only table dining here. Plus, even though we were the only ones here, the service was cold and not nice.

We rate Laksa King

2546 E Hastings St
Vancouver, BC V5K


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