Gorilla Food: For Vegans + Gluten-Free Foods

Diana Chan June 2, 2011 Downtown, Three Beakers, Vegetarian

I am slowly running out of places for lunch near my work area, but then I found this little place – Gorilla Food. They are a restaurant serving vegetarian and organic food. I thought their entire look of their store seemed super cool, so I decided to take my coworker here.

Walking inside, it felt more like a jungle than a restaurant. I have probably passed by this place a few times and it seemed quite popular. Their menu was so foreign to us. We really had no idea what to choose! If you are a meat eater, you probably do not want to step into this place since it’s ALL VEGGIE.

My coworker started with the Main Street Monkey Sandwich ($7.75). Inside this sandwich are avocados, zucchini type of hummus, olive tapenade, sprouts, tomato slices and cucumber in veggie flax bread. She found this to be quite interesting and very earthy. I don’t think she was super keen on the veggie flax bread.

I ordered the GO Veggie Burger ($8). It is made of 2 veggie burger patties, guacamole, tomatoes, cucumber, veggies, and a ginger tomato ketchup sauce served between two lettuce leaves. It’s so cool when a burger is served with lettuce instead of bread. It’s not a new thing, but it’s always fun.

The burger was quite small; it was probably slightly bigger than my fist. If you look at the picture carefully, you can guesstimate the size. It tasted alright, but was not my type of food.

I also ordered the Strawberry Zing Smoothie ($6).  It has strawberries, bananas, orange juice, hemp seeds, and ginger.  Yes…it had hemp seeds. I did not even go into a psychedelic state or anything crazy like that. The dominant taste was of the strawberries and orange juice. It tasted pretty good. Apparently, it ‘s their most popular smoothie. It’s quite big, so you will get pretty full from a burger and smoothie.

Words of Wisdom:

  • Cash Only
  • Great for Vegans or people with gluten allergies
  • Under $10

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436 Richards St
Vancouver, BC

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