E. Tea

Diana Chan September 19, 2010 Chinese, Renfrew-Collingwood, Two Beakers

E. Tea is probably my favorite place to grab a snack when it’s late at night…or when you want to use credit card/ debit card at a bubble tea place.

BebeYeovil was super hungry and wanted some food because her parents left her all home alone. So, we went out to E. Tea.

We walked in, sat down and took a look at their menu. They basically have the typical types of food and drinks you would encounter at a bubble tea place.

BebeYeovil ordered a Taro Toast and Beef Roll.

I ordered Chrysanthemum Black Tea.  What I like about E. Tea is that they use real leaves to make this drink rather than just syrup.

I go here frequently, but I would not say this is a great BBT place to go to. The food is decent and on par with Bubble World, some drinks on the menu are slightly below average because of the powder and syrup the use. I am a big advocate of fresh ingredients.

The have wifi too…the password is their phone number.

If you are looking for a cheap BBT place for drinks and food, E. Tea may be your place to go. For under $10, you can get a decent meal.

We rate E. Tea:

E. Tea is located on:

3281 East 22nd Ave.
Vancouver, BC V5M
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