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Lagostina Artiste 3-Ply Hand Hammered Knife Set Review

As a foodie, an important aspect of the kitchen are having amazing knives that can cut through anything and of course have an amazing aesthetic look. I’ve been browsing around for a knife set for the past year waiting for [...]

November 21, 2016 British Columbia, Home, product

Sudio Sweden: Vasa Blå Review

Sudio Sweden produces earphones with a nice aesthetic look. With the new iPhone 7, they removed the earphone jack, so bluetooth earphones was on my list. Dealing with cords is a pain and if you need to carry an adapter [...]

November 2, 2016 product, Tech, travel

Nutella: Your Name on a Jar

Nutella now offers personalized labels to Canadians wanting to make sure no one touches their precious jar of Nutella. It makes for an awesome present too if you are putting together something for a friend or family member. Inside, you will [...]

October 30, 2016 British Columbia, product

Lays Canada: Chalet Sauce Chips Review

Lay’s potato chips and Swiss Chalet has joined forces to create Chalet Sauce Lays Potato Chips. This was a pretty interesting partnership since I remember going to Swiss Chalet as a child. I never realized how special their dipping sauce really was. [...]

October 26, 2016 British Columbia, product

Cheetos: Bag of Bones

As Halloween nears, Cheetos has their limited edition white cheddar Bag of bones that is shaped like skeletons. How could you not resist getting this from the grocery store? I surely couldn’t. Inside the bag, you will find 4 different [...]

October 17, 2016 British Columbia, product

Chef’s Plate: Food Delivery‎ Review

Chef’s Plate has been a popular food delivery service in Toronto, but has now expanded their services across Western Canada. You go on the website and select which meals you want to order for the following week. They deliver portioned ingredients and [...]

September 30, 2016 British Columbia, Delivery, product

Lays Canada: Do Us a Flavour 2016 Review

Canadians have voted and the results are in for 2016. The 2016 Lay’s Do Us A Flavour World Favourites are: Bacon Poutine Cheese & Onion Thai Sweet Chili The flavours were inspired by Canada, United Kingdom and Thailand. Every time [...]

September 2, 2016 British Columbia, product

Tubify: Organic Craft Freezies

Have you seen Tubify around town selling their organic craft freezies? You can find them at special events around town or near Science World. It’s been a while since I’ve had freezies. I would remember our freezer would be stocked [...]

August 7, 2016 British Columbia, product

Stanley Park Brewery: SunSetter Summer Ale

Stanley Park Brewery has their seasonal house brew – SunSetter Summer Ale to really ring in the Summer. I was invited to one of Stanley Park Brewing’s event to kick off the summer and enjoy some of their new beer. As [...]

August 2, 2016 British Columbia, product

Pringles: Hot Diggity Dog

Pringles just released a new flavour called hot diggity dog that simulates hotdog and mustard flavour. I went to Superstore and I found it on sale. Of course, I can’t say not to snacks that are on sale. Taking the [...]

July 31, 2016 product

BC Tree Fruits Cider: Apples, Pears and Hops

BC Tree Fruits Cider Co has introduced 2 more flavours this year – the Apple & Hops and the Pear Ciders. Their original Apple cider debuted last year. They pride themselves of using no added sugar, water or concentrate. Also, no [...]

July 13, 2016 British Columbia, product

PC Insiders Collection: Summer Recipes

Summer is here and what better way to celebrate than having a picnic outdoors with friends. President’s Choice took a few of us out for a picnic at Stanley Park to give us a nice sneak peek of the Summer [...]

July 8, 2016 product, Recipes

Baron Samedi: Spiced Rum Review

Baron Semedi is a new Spiced Rum that has launched in Canada from the Gruppo Campari. Later in the year, it will be available in the United States, Australia and Mexico. The 750ml bottle has the full flavour spiced run at 45% [...]

June 3, 2016 British Columbia, product

Wanderoot Craft Cider: Review

Wanderoot Craft Cider is a new product available in BC, Alberta and Ontario since April 2016. It is a new product from Molson Canadian. It is sparkly, medium-sweet and full of juicy Canadian apple flavours. It reminds me of apple juice, so it [...]

May 30, 2016 British Columbia, product

Mad Jack: Hard Root Beer & Ginger Ale Lager

Mad Jack joins Molson Coors Canada’s line of flavoured malt beverages. It combines the classic tastes of root beer and ginger ale that we know and love with its bold malt flavour. They also have their Apple Lager, but I didn’t get a chance [...]

May 9, 2016 product

iögo: Resealable Yogurt Pouches Review

iögo has introduced their new resealable yogurt pouches. One problem I hate about buying yogurt is that there can be excess waste especially if you buy the individual cups. All that plastic ending up in the trash. Larger tubs are an alternative, [...]

April 7, 2016 product

Smartfood Popcorn Review

Smartfood Popcorn has their classic flavours – White Cheddar Cheese, Movie Theater Butter Flavoured and Creamy Dill. They also recently released their new Jalapeño Cheddar flavour. I was sent one of each flavour, so I tried them all with my coworkers. [...]

March 25, 2016 product

Lay’s Canada: Bacon Mac & Cheese and Wasabi Ginger Chips Review

Lay’s Canada introduced 2 new flavours on store shelves to promote this year’s Lay’s Do Us A Flavour Contest – Wasabi Ginger and Bacon Mac & Cheese. I love grabbing up a few unique flavours to bring to the office for [...]

March 9, 2016 British Columbia, product