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Joyeaux Cafe & Restaurant: Delicious Vietnamese Noodles in Downtown

Joyeaux Cafe & Restaurant is this amazing Vietnamese restaurant on Howe Street near Pender. Just walking by, you wouldn’t expect that this place has some pretty delicious and cheap pho! I never knew this place existed until Flo told me [...]

November 28, 2011 Downtown, Three Beakers, Vietnamese

Viet Sub Vietnamese Cuisine: Amazing Viet Subs

Viet Sub is a very popular place on Robson to grab some lunch. The sandwiches can be under $4 and the pho is about $6. There were lineups out the door, but most people were just doing takeout. The interior is [...]

November 6, 2011 Downtown, Three Beakers, Vietnamese

Pho Tam: Best Pho in Town

I started having class at SFU Surrey Campus and I was super excited because I could finally check out Pho Tam! They are known for the best Pho in the Lower Mainland! They may look pretty ghetto, but they do [...]

October 6, 2011 Four Beakers, Surrey, Vietnamese

Phnom Penh: Coffee, Butter Beef, Wings and Luc Lac

Back to Phnom Penh to try more of their delicious food! @etodac grabbed a few of us here because he just needed to try their famous chicken wings. I wanted to come here for more butter beef…if you’ve tried Phnom [...]

September 19, 2011 Chinatown, Four Beakers, Vietnamese

Bun Me Baguette Food Cart: Banh Mi Vietnamese Sandwiches

Bun Me Baguette is one of the newer Food Carts in Vancouver. They serve up Vietnamese style baguettes. Who doesn’t love grabbing a quick baguette rather than the usual hotdog? This really reminded me of the NomNom Food Truck in [...]

July 27, 2011 Downtown, Food Carts, Streetcart, Three Beakers, Vietnamese

Ha Long Bay Vietnamese Restaurant: Good Addition to Pender St.

  Its interesting when restaurants close and a new one pops up. In the case of The Best Pho House, it looked sketchy as hell. A few weeks ago, a new Pho restaurant called Ha Long Bay opened up.  The [...]

July 15, 2011 Downtown, lunch, Three Beakers, Vietnamese

Bao Chau: Good Pho & Meh Spring Rolls

ConsultingGirl was craving for some pho, but wanted to avoid a few of the horrible places in Burnaby, so we drove a bit further to go to Bao Chau. Since it was another game day, everyone was out Downtown or [...]

May 29, 2011 Hastings-Sunrise, Three Beakers, Vietnamese

Pho Hoa: All the Way to Coquitlam

Meeting up with Cubedtee and Fabo for dessert but, M, ScarFace, TanGuy and I didn’t eat dinner. Clearly, we were not very smart that day since usually dinner comes before dessert. Since we were starving, we went across the street [...]

May 17, 2011 Coquitlam, Two Beakers, Vietnamese

Fumiyoshi: Japanese Restaurant with Pho

Mandu and I met up during our lunch breaks. I had a “foodie block” and had no idea where to go for lunch. I really didn’t want to revisit a restaurant nor did I want to spend over $10. Eating [...]

April 10, 2011 Downtown, Japanese, One Beaker, Vietnamese

Pho 99: Out Of This World?

Guess what happened? JojoCake’s parents left her all alone at home again… but this time she did have milk and bread at home. KoreanGirl and I were here to the rescue. Since last week, we wanted some Pho, so we [...]

April 5, 2011 Coquitlam, Two Beakers, Vietnamese

Phnom Penh: Visit #2

When DesignGirl told me that we were meeting up with MadamMilton, BaguetteGirl, and DermaMan for Vietnamese food, I thought we were just going to get pho. Boy, was I mistaken! We headed to Phnom Penh, where the menu items are [...]

March 14, 2011 Chinatown, Four Beakers, Vietnamese

Fumiyoshi Seafood & Sushi

On my way to lunch, I could feel the showers beginning again, it was that weird day were there were “140km” winds (It totally wasn’t…darn those weather people). There were random periods of heavy rains and then BAM it was sunny and then it [...]

March 5, 2011 Downtown, Japanese, One Beaker, Seafood, Vietnamese

Phnom Penh

I was really excited to finally check out Phnom Penh because it is Vancouver’s most famous vietnamese food. They have won countless awards….. year after year…after year! When InsecureGirl, M and I came at 6:30, this place was packed! The [...]

February 2, 2011 Chinatown, Four Beakers, Seafood, Vietnamese

Chau Kitchen & Bar

I have always seen Chau Kitchen & Bar while passing by Robson. I thought it was probably an expensive Chinese restaurant from the look of the exterior. In reality, it is an inexpensive Pho place! After hearing an earful from [...]

November 22, 2010 Downtown, Three Beakers, Vietnamese