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Pink Elephant Thai: Open at Marine Gateway

Pink Elephant Thai opened their second location at Marine Gateway serving up modern Thai food to hungry shoppers in this complex and the movie-goers at the Cineplex Theatres. They also have happy hour on the weekday from 3 -6pm. The items [...]

April 16, 2016 Happy Hour, Kid Friendly, Marpole, Thai, Three Beakers

Doolami Dessert: Ice Cream, Shaved Ice and Sago Desserts

Doolami Dessert is located in the Marpole area serving up delicious Chinese desserts. They pride themselves with using the best ingredients possible in their desserts. Everything is made in-house and they do not use any concentrates, preservatives, or sweeteners. I [...]

March 13, 2016 Chinese, Dessert, Marpole, Three Beakers

Cafe De L’Orangerie: Japanese Pasta and Curry

Cafe De L’Orangerie has been our favourite spot for Japanese pasta for a while now. Last week, M had a huge craving for their curry, so he picked me up after work and drove here before the dinner rush. Its [...]

March 2, 2016 Cafe, Japanese, Kid Friendly, Marpole, Noodles, Three Beakers

Qoo Cafe: HK Style Cafe

Qoo Cafe is located in the Marpole area. They are an Asian fusion restaurant featuring HK Style favourites, an assortment of Asian dishes, Western selections, pastas, sandwiches, noodle soups, and bubble tea. I was invited by ChineseBites to try a few [...]

March 1, 2016 Cafe, Chinese, Kid Friendly, Marpole, Three Beakers

Cafe de l’Orangerie: Amazing Japanese Pasta

Cafe de L’Orangerie is now located in Marpole, a few minutes away from the Vancouver International Airport. They are a Japanese-style cafe serving up their interpretation of Western food. After coming here, I really wish they had more locations. I [...]

April 13, 2015 Cafe, Four Beakers, Japanese, Kid Friendly, lunch, Marpole, Noodles

Doolami Dessert 多乐蜜甜品: Chinese Dessert in Vancouver

Doolami Dessert on Granville Street in the Marpole area specialized in Asian Dessert. If you love durian, this is your place to go. You will find durian ice cream and durian sago cream. Durian is a very pungent fruit from asian. [...]

October 20, 2014 Chinese, Dessert, Late Night, Marpole, Three Beakers

Cafe Mai-Mai: Pho and Waffles

Cafe Mai-Mai is located in Marpole and is a family run Vietnamese cafe. They serve up Pho, Bahn Mi sandwiches, rice dishes, coffee and waffles. Their food also doesn’t contain any MSG. M, Scarface, Mandy and I headed here after [...]

March 9, 2014 Cafe, Marpole, Noodles, Sandwich, Three Beakers, Vietnamese

Flo Tea Room: Drinks and Toast Box

Flo Tea Room is located on Granville Street in the Marpole area. It’s been there for several year now and they would serve food similarly found at Hong Kong or Taiwanese Style Cafes. FoodPunk, FoodQueen and I decided to grab [...]

May 5, 2012 Bubble Tea, Chinese, Dessert, Marpole, Three Beakers

Yami Sushi Japanese Restaurant: Served with a Side of Hair

The @SFUSMN crew were having a car wash on Granville and we got super hungry after washing cars and ever large trucks. We went to a few other restaurants and discovered a lot of them only take cash. Seeing that [...]

August 20, 2011 Japanese, Marpole, Seafood, Two Beakers


As a huge fan of Japanese food, I love to go to new places to try different dishes that are out of the ordinary…or has a good menu selection. At Oak Street, there is a small restaurant called “Applause”. I [...]

October 3, 2010 Japanese, Marpole, Three Beakers