Driving the 2018 Buick Enclave Avenir in Edmonton

Diana Chan July 25, 2018 Car, Edmonton, travel

We drove around Edmonton, Alberta for 3.5 days in and out of the city to explore sights, sounds and of course eats with the 2018 Buick Enclave Avenir. It’s a little larger than vehicles I normally drive but I always love to get outside of my comfort zone to experience a wide range of vehicle options. It can seat up to 7 people in the car with adjustable seating configuration to have more or less storage in the trunk.

We drove around the city and into Elk Island National Park about 40 minutes away from Edmonton to go find some bison in their natural habitat.

Sleek Interior

I love the interior and it has such a luxurious feel. The leather, the wood, and the chrome accents. As we both got into the car, we were very impressed with the look and feel. This full-sized SUV has it all to make you feel comfortable.

Passenger Seating

The 3rd row of seating is a little bit narrow, so a full sized adult will have trouble sitting in that row. It’s best for people under 5”0 or children.

The 2nd row is very spacious and the arm rest make sitting comfortable. Best for adults to be in the front and second rows.


Lots of USB Charging Ports

There are plenty of USB charging portlets in the vehicle, 2 in the back, 2 in the middle and 2 in the front row. Paired with the wifi network in the car, no one will be complaining about keeping connected to the internet or dying phones. It’s pretty awesome.

Whether you’re on a short trip or a longer road trip, you’re all set.


Smart Entertainment System

I’m not a fan of the default entertainment system, but with Apple Car Play and Android Auto, plug in your phone and the whole dashboard changes to suits you needs – navigation, calls, texts, Spotify, etc.

Safety and Visibility

I felt very confident that I could get in and out of any parking spot with ease. The front and rear facing cameras, with the 360 camera view made the areas surrounding the vehicle easy to see so you can judge how much distance you have between other cars, people or other objects.

Parallel parking in tight spots usually makes me nervous but I think I actually became a better driver having the cameras around to help me see and judge distance.

With that being said, you can’t say the same about other vehicles on the road. On the last day of our trip, another vehicle in our hotel parking lot decided to scruff up a side of our rear bumper. A sad end to our trip, but we did everything possible to prevent such a situation.

 Final Thoughts

Overall, I really enjoyed the 2018 Buick Enclave Avenir. It handled well on paved roads and even off road at Elk Island National Park. Being inside the vehicle was very comfortable and looks very stylish. I was so proud to show this off to my friend and introducing her to features that you wouldn’t find common in older vehicles.

If you’re looking for an upgrade for a full-sized SUV that gives you a feeling of luxury, comfort and reliability, definitely take a look into the Buick Enclave. I would highly recommend you check this out with a test drive.


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