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Bard on the Beach: A Midsummer Night’s Dream

I know this is a food blog, but you’re probably wondering why I’m writing about Bard on the Beach. Well, this year’s production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream was hilarious and I don’t even like or understand anything Shakespeare has [...]

July 31, 2014 British Columbia

O.N.E. Coconut Water: Rehydrate for the Summer

Coconut water has become quite popular over the past few years for it’s natural rehydrating properties. It is high in magnesium and potassium to quickly replenish your body. But for prolonged exercise, I think they body needs carbohydrates and sodium [...]

July 30, 2014 product

Ulla Restaurant: Best Restaurant in Victoria

Ulla Restaurant in Victoria has some pretty amazing food. Mags and I came here after visiting the Victoria Chinatown Night Market. The market wasn’t impressive as it was their first week opening, but at the end of the night market, [...]

July 29, 2014 Canadian, Four Beakers, Seafood, Victoria, WestCoast

Red Fish, Blue Fish: Amazing Fish and Chips

Red Fish, Blue Fish is an outdoor waterfront eatery in an up-cycled cargo container on a wooden pier in Victoria’s Inner Harbour. It’s a unique, fresh, and sustainable approach to a fish ‘n’ chip shop. It’s probably the most popular [...]

July 27, 2014 Four Beakers, Kid Friendly, lunch, Sandwich, Seafood, Victoria, WestCoast

Ferris Oyster Bar: Oysters in Victoria, BC

Ferris’ Oyster Bar is located in Victoria, BC. When I was here for a work trip, I wanted to check it out as it was one of the most talked about places in town, plus very high reviews. It is [...]

July 25, 2014 Late Night, Seafood, Two Beakers, Victoria

Nectar Juicery: Pop Up Shop at Holt Renfrew Skybridge

Nectar Juicery is a local juicing company  and they currently have a month-long pop-up location at the Holt Renfrew Skybridge for July. They sell 100% Organic & Formulaic Cold Pressed Juices. I was passing by Pacific Centre and I noticed [...]

July 23, 2014 British Columbia, product

Rosemary Rocksalt: Bagels and Montreal Smoked Meat

Rosemary Rocksalt is a great place for bagels with Montreal smoked meat. Rosemary Rocksalt is the sister restaurant of Seigel’s Bagels. They have one location in North Vancouver and recently opened a new location on Main Street in Vancouver. They serve [...]

July 22, 2014 Canadian, Kid Friendly, lunch, Mount Pleasant/Main Street, Sandwich, Three Beakers

The Keg: Great for Birthday Celebrations

The Keg is one of my favourite restaurants to go to. I am not ashamed to say it because I have many fond memories of this place for celebrating milestones. This particular occasion was my little sister’s birthday. She loves [...]

July 21, 2014 Canadian, Coquitlam, Kid Friendly, Steakhouse, Three Beakers

Kinder Chocolate: Beyond the Egg

Kinder has more chocolates than just the Kinder Egg Surprises. As a kid, I would always love getting a few Kinder Surprise Eggs and discovering the toy inside. While I was shopping recently, I decided to pick up their original [...]

July 18, 2014 product

New Town Bakery: The Food is Disgusting

New Town Bakery is one of the must-visit places in Vancouver’s Chinatown according to  CNN. They have won multiple awards for their baked goods. New Town Bakery has been around since the 1980s serving Filipino and Chinese pastries. Their original location [...]

July 17, 2014 Chinatown, Chinese, lunch, One Beaker

Pazzo Chow: New Italian Restaurant in Chinatown

Pazzo Chow is the newest restaurant to open up in Chinatown. They serve up Italian food in their cosy little restaurant. You can expect home-cooked Italian food for takeout or eating in the restaurant. They also serve espresso, homemade focaccia bread, [...]

July 16, 2014 Cafe, Chinatown, Dessert, Italian, lunch, Three Beakers

Vitae Juice: 3 Day Juice Cleanse

In May, I purchased a Social Shopper deal for a 3 day juice cleanse from Vitae Juice. 18 bottles of juice, plus 3 bottles of their Vitae Clear drink for $99 down from $180. Since its Summer, M and I [...]

July 15, 2014 product

Prohibition Tasting Bar: New Restaurant in Yaletown

Prohibition Tasting Bar is owned by their parent company – Prohibition Brewing Company, which is located in an old distillery on the outskirts of Kelowna in British Columbia’s Okanagan Region. They are 100% B.C. owned and operated and strive to bring clean, crisp [...]

July 14, 2014 American, Brewery, Late Night, Tapas, Three Beakers, Yaletown

Taishoken Ramen: Newest Ramen Shop in Vancouver

Taishoken Ramen is the newest ramen join in Vancouver. It is located right across from Tinsel Town. During their soft opening, they were offering ramen up for $5. Sadly, I don’t like lines so I never ended up trying it [...]

July 13, 2014 Gastown, lunch, Noodles, Ramen, Three Beakers

McDonald’s Canada: Spicy Buffalo Poutine

Last year, McDonalds Canada introduced the poutine. Now, they have poutine 2.0 – the Spicy Buffalo Poutine. This got me curious because I would not expect spicy buffalo sauce and poutine to ever mix together. The Spicy Buffalo Poutine ($4.99) has fries, [...]

July 12, 2014 British Columbia, Fast Food

Cafe Joie: Shaved Ice, Coffee, and Waffles

Cafe Joie is an independent cafe near Metrotown. I came here with Gastrofork and FoodQueen to catch up over some coffee and treats. You can easily take the Skytrain to Metrotown and then walk a block away from the mall. [...]

July 11, 2014 Bakery, Cafe, Dessert, Korean, South Burnaby, Three Beakers

Kessel&March: Brunch Time

Kessel&March is an awesome restaurant on Powell Street. They do have brunch! TaiwaneseGirl, CanuckGirl, and I headed off on a Saturday to have our usual brunch get-togethers. The menu looked great and you can get brunch between $9 and $13. [...]

July 10, 2014 Brunch, East Village, European, Four Beakers

Fat Duck: Sinfully Delicious

Food trucks are mighty delicious and one of my favourites are Fat Duck Mobile Eatery. They are now outside Waterfront station, but can move around during the week. If you do happen to pass by, make sure to stop and have [...]

July 9, 2014 Downtown, Food Carts, Four Beakers, Streetcart