Zipang Provisions: Hipster Japanese Restaurant on Main St


Zipang Provisions integrates east and the west, a fusion of Vancouver with the best of Japanese cuisine. From the exterior, it doesn’t seem like a Japanese eatery. It looks more like a hip bar. They really try hard to mix the two together, but it doesn’t work very well.

Don’t get me wrong, the place looks fabulous, but you wouldn’t think they serve up Japanese food. Plus, they have a patio.


Their interior has a lot of reclaimed wood furniture and awesome looking chairs.


You can’t stop but love the interior. Everything is so beautiful.


Mason jars! So hip! So hipster.


Kale Gomae is a spin on the traditional spinach gomae. It has a delicious sesame sauce surrounding each leaf. It was an interesting concept, but we think we would have preferred it with the traditional spinach. The steams were hard and crunch.


Nasu Dengaku is a miso glazed eggplant. It’s very delicious. It may not look appetizing, but it is yummy.


Ebi Mayo looks pretty sad but that is only because we asked for the mayo on the side. I felt that the ebi could have used more seasoning and the batter could have been more crispy.


Chawan Mushi is so delicate and delicious with a strong dashi broth and mushroom flavour.


Nanban Chicken wasn’t very good. It is deep fried chicken with their nanban sauce, which tastes like tartar sauce. To balance it out, it came with a salad.


Saikyo Black Cod was a bit over cooked and wasn’t as moist as we thought and it wasn’t good.


Chicken Karaage Poutine really is a truly fusion item at Zipang Provisions. The crispy chicken, cheese curds and gravy all lay on top of a bed of crispy fries. It was enjoyed by all of us dining here.


Mille-Feuille Pork Cutlet is served with a cabbage salad with a plum dressing. On the side, there is also tonkatsu sauce. The cutlet was different since there are a lot of thin pork slices inside.


Okonomiyaki wasn’t very good at all. The pancake was dense and not flavourful, then it was topped full of sauces. Best to avoid this item.


Sashimi Salad was a good size to share with everyone at the table. A good amount of sashimi, but they were a tad heavy with the dressing.


Salmon Sashimi comes with 9 pieces since we ordered the larger size. The quality is there and it was enjoyable.


We ordered a bunch of sushi from their menu and we found that they were not executed very well. It was missing a bit of care and attention. All of the rolls could have been improved. It was quite sad to see.

Their cooked items are pretty good but there are a few misses in there. Their sushi rolls could use a lot of improvement because when the owners ran the original Zipang, the rolls were a lot better.

We Rate Zipang Provisions

3068 Main Street,


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