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Diana Chan August 6, 2016 Downtown, Event, Food Carts


YVR Food Fest was this weekend on Aug 6th and 7th. Vancouver has a vibrant food truck scene and where else can you get the city’s best food trucks and a few eateries all in one place? Right by Olympic Village and the Cambie St. Bridge is where the YVR Food Fest is located.


There were various types of tickets available:

  • General Admission
  • Taster Ticket
  • The Big Feast

With all these different types of tickets, it was a little bit confusing especially if you have the taster tickets.

If you have general admission tickets, you can just order that regular items off the food trucks menu.

I was invited to the YVR Food Fest and given a few taster tickets to use for the event, so the items seem in this recap are of the taster items.


With all the food trucks and vendors here, not all of them accept the tasting tickets. Most vendors have 1 item available on the tasting menu, a small item that gives you a taste of what they have to offer.



They have a few picnic tables and tented seating to keep people shaded from the hot sun. We didn’t have any problems finding a space since there would be a lot of movement in the area.


The Original Hurricane Potato


The Original Hurricane Potato truck had mini version of their spiral potatoes for the tasting. Very cute and pint sized.

C’est Si Bon


C’est si bon has their regular menu filled with their French inspired menu with sliders, beef bourguignon, salad, and pastries.

For the tasting tickets, you can get a mini item of something on the menu. My friend got the beef bourguignon and I went with the beef slider. It’s so cute. Taste was pretty meh.


Le Tigre


Le Tigre has always been a fan favourite for having their kick ass rice bowl. For their tasting tickets, they had miniature rice bowls with fried chicken and a delicious sauce on top. There are some red chilis in it to give it a nice kick.

Mom’s Grilled Cheese


Mom’s Grilled Cheese severs up delectable grilled cheese sandwiches around town. For their taster, they had pickle and cheese in a blanket. Definitely a different than what they normally serve but it was interesting.

Fliptop Filipino Fusion


Fliptop Filipino Fusion Food Truck has delicious items. One item I love its their Flippin Adobo ‘Fili’ Cheesesteak.

Their tasting was the Longanisa Wonton Cups with sweet cured pork, salsa, calamansi sweet chilli sauce, and pea shoots.



Tacofino has food trucks serving up their delicious tacos and burritos.

Their tasting item was the Walking Taco has chorizo, bean dip, cheese sauce, cilantro and corn chips. This reminded me of a Frito pie. It was pretty different that what is on their regular menu.


Kafka’s Coffee and Tea


Kafka’s Coffee and Tea has a food truck roaming around town serving up cold drinks on tap.

  • nitro cold brew coffee
  • nitro cold brew tea
  • rosemary lemonade
  • ginger beer from Dickies
  • salted caramel ice cream sandwiches

I grabbed a ginger beer and it had a good amount of ginger kick to it.


Amoda Tea


Amoda Tea had their pop-up tea shop at the YVE Food Feast. They had a bunch of matcha drinks for sale.

I went with the iced matcha tea with no added syrups. Very good and refreshing for the hot weather.

Eastside Flea


The Eastside Flea is a modern day flea market hosting local vendors selling handmade craftsmen goods, vintage clothing, antiques & collectibles, and plants.

A pretty cool addition to to the YVR Food Fest with a little bit of shopping.


Overall, it is a fun event to enjoy a bunch of food carts all in one place. If you live or work outside of Vancouver, spotting food carts is pretty hard since most of the carts are in Vancouver or at special events. This event is a good chance to catch them all.

Try to get there earlier as lines can get quite long to get inside the food fest or waiting at the food trucks for your food.

Beside just having food, there is live music, games, cocktail/beer garden, and a few other things.



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  1. Suzie Ridler August 7, 2016 at 12:30 am

    Great coverage! I personally had a very hard time finding seating which was very awkward and didn’t really understand why the flea market was there. Lucky you to get the taster tickets! I only got a couple of items because I went with general admission. My post will be up soon! ~ Suzie the Foodie

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