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RomanJ February 15, 2012 Four Beakers, Japanese, Mount Pleasant/Main Street

Hello Internet! Today Abbytizer and I checked out a new restaurant on Main Street called Yutaka. This restaurant opened late of last year and it hasn’t had a grand opening yet, just a “soft” opening. This restaurant is slowly becoming a neighborhood favorite. Abbytizer saw this restaurant on the bus and we decided to try it.

The inside of the restaurant has a simple modern touch to it.

Miso Soup ($1.25)– A standard miso that’s at a reasonable price.

Ebi sunomono ($3.25)– A standard small ebi sunomono but with a lot of baby shrimp which made it quite enjoyable.

Oysters ($2.50) We ordered two fresh oysters. The oysters we’re fine and nothing spectacular, Abbytizer and I have had better at other seafood restaurants.

Salmon Carpaccio ($8.50) – The salmon was fresh. The balsamic vinegar just blends perfectly with the salmon, making the salmon melt in your mouth. Abbytizer and I enjoyed this dish.

Age King Oyster Mushroom ($4.00) – Lightly breaded mushrooms seasoned with Tograhi, making the mushrooms have a delicious crispy crunchy taste. Also there is a slight kick of spice to each bite. Abbytizer and I devoured this dish. It’s totally worth its value and the size of portion is enough for two people.

Negitoro ($3.50) and Fire Roll ($10.50) – First of all the Negitoro was extremely fresh and melted in your mouth. This is probably one of the best negitoro rolls I’ve had in a while. Also this roll wasn’t on the menu, due to the soft opening the menu is not completely finished.

Fire Roll ($10.50)– The fire roll consist of 10 pieces loaded with scallops, salmon and tiny bitts of deep-fried bread with cream cheese in the middle. The fire roll is not spicy, but still delicious.

Ebi Filo ($5.00) – Filo is usually on Greek pastries but this restaurant has a modern take on spicy ebi mayo. This dish has the 3 pieces of deep-fried shrimp and covered in filo making this dish very flakey and crispy. This dish is delicious and the mayo sauce on the side compliments it perfectly.

Beef Tatakai ($8.00)– This dish was a big disappointment after already having some delicious dishes. The beef tataki was extreme cold, and not completely thawed out. Abbytizer’s first bite of this was literally ice-cold meat. We sent the dish back and the waitress took the dish off our bill.

Tropical Delight Lime ($5.50 -large, $3.50 -small) consisting of, guava, lychee, passion fruit and mango. The drink is very tangy and refreshing, the only thing is missing is rum or vodka.

Overall, despite the disappointing beef takaki, Abbytizer and I enjoyed every dish we had here. For a soft opening restaurant, that doesn’t have a completed menu, it has a lot to offer at a very reasonable price. I’ll definitely come back for the Age King Oyster Mushroom.

Words of Wisdom:

  • Friendly Staff
  • Weekly Specials
  • Lunch Special
  • Pick Up is available

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4148 Main Street
(Main & King Edward),
Vancouver, BC, Canada V5V 3P7


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