Yoho National Park: The Natural Bridge

Diana Chan October 15, 2015 Field, travel


The first stop at Yoho National Park on the way to Emerald Lake is the Natural Bridge. It’s an easy drive here and with lots of parking.


The Natural Bridge is a natural rock formation that spans the flow of the Kicking Horse River west of Field, BC. It is sculpted by the strong erosive forces of rushing water over what had once been a waterfall.


Visitors are given the opportunity to view the natural bridge from a variety of different vantage points.


You can get to the tallest point that over looks the bridge by a man-made bridge. It’s a very short walk.


Just standing on the man-made bridge, you can see the other side of the fall with much more calming water.



You can even get pretty close to the natural bridge. The Natural Bridge is a powerful reminder of how much influence water has in shaping the landscape around it.


Here is the view from the backside. The water gets pretty strong right at the peak, so do be careful and don’t fall in.


Overall, it’s a quick place to stop by to take some pictures and enjoy natures wonders.


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