YiFang Taiwan Fruit Tea: Now Open on Kingsway in Vancouver

Diana Chan December 3, 2018 Bubble Tea, South Burnaby, Taiwanese

YiFang Taiwan Fruit Tea is now open on Kingsway near Boundary. They are best known for their fruit teas as well as brown sugar pearl latte, which is only available during certain times during the day.

They only accept cash and debit.

YiFeng Fruit Tea

It is made with Taiwan pineapple sauce, fresh passion fruit, apple, orange and jade tea. I got it with 30% ice and 30% sugar. One of their most popular drinks and it doesn’t disappoint at all. I love the passion fruit seeds as they are crunchy when you bite down on them.

Black Sugar Soft Pearl Latte

Chewy black sugar peals in sun moon lake black tea and fresh local organic milk. You can’t change the sweetness level or ice levels with this drink. The pearls and the brown sugar come warm while the milk and tea are cold on top. Make sure to give it a nice mix when you’re about to drink it.

It was ok, but there was a bit too much brown sugar to milk tea ratio, so it was sweeter than other places.

Black Tea Latte

This has sun moon lake black tea and fresh local organic milk. M order this with 50% sweetness and 70% ice. It was ok compared to the other places around town.

Final Thoughts

It’s a good addition to the neighbourhood even though there are a lot of other bubble tea shops in the area. It just gives people more choices.

 3612 Kingsway, Vancouver, BC


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