Yamato Sushi: $5.95 Sushi Special Combos

Diana Chan September 24, 2011 Japanese, Three Beakers, Yaletown

After a night of 2 back to back yoga sessions, CanuckGirl and I went to Yamato Sushi for some cheap eats. They are known for their cheap affordable sushi combos and bento boxes.

They have very limited seating, so take-out is quite popular. You could easily just take out and eat at a nearby park as well. The seats are in 2’s and 4’s so it’s not meant for large groups.

Just looking at their menu, there is nothing over $8, unless it’s a party tray. Great for students and people on a tight budget!

The other items that are ala carte are still cheap!

 Tuna and Salmon Combo ($7.45) comes with tuna maki roll, salmon maki roll, 2 salmon nigiri and 2 tuna nigiri. You also get miso soup on the side. The sashimi was fresh and it satisfied my cravings of raw fish.

It’s not the best put together rolls as you can see the non uniformity of the maki rolls.

The miso soup that comes with all combos is pretty average, nothing spectacular. Nothing to complain about either.

Sushi Special A ($5.95) has tuna maki, california roll, yam tempura roll, salad and miso soup. This is an even better deal than the salmon and tuna combo. You get way more food and for much cheaper!

All the rolls are well made really good for the price. CanuckGirl likes this place because it’s cheap and you can’t beat their prices.

The salad that comes with this combo is your usual salad with the citrus sauce on top. If you do take out, you won’t get the salad.

Overall, the prices are great and the food is decent. You get what you pay for, so don’t expect this to be the best sushi you have ever had.

Words of Wisdom:

  • $5.95 sushi special combos are worth the price!
  • Decent food, nothing super amazing
  • Not authentic Japanese Food
  • Best to get sushi rolls

We Rate Yamato Sushi: 
616 Davie St
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